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Letter from France

September 2009

Bobbie writes to tell us of her success in finding a foster home for her late Mum's plants and how this led to her involvement with the French equivalent of our Forget-me-not club

Mum's plants arrived safely last July after a long journey from Stoke Ferry to the Alps and, after putting an advert into my neighbours letter boxes they are now in a lovely "foster" garden. That search also led to me meeting new faces, especially seniors including the Society of the equivalent of your Forget-me-not Club. I attended their AGM and saw how their main concern was to stay at home in the community without fear of becoming isolated. Their President had carried out a survey and was presenting the results before they brainstormed ideas and contributed personal experiences; some good some less good.

This gave me an idea: to create a link between my small town La Tronche, at the foot of the Alps, and Stoke Ferry and the rest of the Wissey Community. Why not start a pen pal club for our seniors? Ray introduced me to Barbara Precey, Chairperson of the Forget-me-not Club, who sounded interested so we all met up in Virginia Cottage, the home of my late parents Jack and Connie Petrie. Barbara already had three names and I had two, so we were off to a flying start.

Language isn't a problem. Those who still have a smattering of schoolgirl or school boy French could have a go. Others could write in English; there's always someone who can help translate if need be. Some may prefer to send e-mails, others hand written letters. All could send photos and it would be nice to exchange details of family, pets, gardens and local interests etc. We could exchange 'The Village Pump' and our local 'Bulletin La Tronche', as well as sharing our ideas about how to manage at home and stay part of the community.

Barbara and I would love to hear from you. If you'd like more info or want to make suggestions please contact Barbara on 01366 502147 or by e-mail bandmatsf@talktalk.net

Let's widen our horizons and keep in touch with the world.

A bientot

Bobbie Szourou


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