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Another letter to The Editor

September 2009

Les congratulated Chloe Smith on becoming an MP but wonders why there was not more info locally about her success

Dear Editor,

I'm sure you will agree with me that congratulations are due to Chloe Smith as a result of her success in the Norwich North by-election.

What I found rather strange was that Chloe's campaign in this by-election was featured frequently in a number of our national newspapers and on TV and yet in spite of her being a local lady, well having spent her formative years being brought up in Stoke Ferry, she hardly made the pages of our own Village Pump, take away my contributions and there it was in it's entirety, nothing.

I frequently get the impression that nothing much of note happens in our neck of the woods and then when it does it seems to pass us by. I know politics isn't everyone's cup of tea but surely here was a case of "Local Lady Makes Good" and was surely worthy of comment.

There can be no doubt that when you are young and attractive you have much going for you, how well I remember when I was a young man many a person thought I looked like some American film star, I don't know now whether it was Steve McQueen or Ava Gardner, on reflection I think it was Ava.

Well I thought it was funny, but then I've heard it before, frequently.


Les Lawrence

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