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A moan from down Wretton way

September 2009

A Wretton resident voices his concern about local children's behaviour

I am sure that all of the readers of The Pump will agree that we are very lucky to live in such a beautiful and peaceful place. There are many idyllic walks and the atmosphere around the village is one of peace, calm and community.

However, over the past few days (as from 15th Aug) the peace and tranquillity of the village has been quite literally shattered by what can only be described as anti-social behaviour! I am a great supporter of young people and I can honestly say that we are very lucky to have such fantastic young people in the area. Unfortunately, they seem to have forgotten how fantastic they are recently! Each night, ranging from 10pm to 3am, what can only be described as "screeching girls" can be heard up and down the village. This, coupled with the incessant buzz of the racing mopeds (sounding like the proverbial "bees in a jam jar") have been intolerable in the wee hours, waking many residents up from their slumber.

Do they realise what disruption they are causing? I sincerely hope not.

Are they just enjoying the balmy nights of summer? I am sure they are.

Will they have some thought for their fellow villagers? Again, I really hope that they do!

Does this period coincide with a set of parents going away on holiday, leaving their teenagers behind?

I am sorry to moan, but I feel that someone has to say that this type of behaviour is not what we want in our communities. To those teenagers, if they are reading: Have fun but please be considerate of your neighbours.

Thank you

A really not-so-miserable Wrettonite


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