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August 2009

Minutes of the 2009 Wretton Annual Parish Council Meeting



Present: Cllr D Llewellyn - Chairman, Cllr M Peake, Cllr M Mansell, Cllr L Peake, Cllr A Box, 6 members of the public, PCSO Sophie Watson

1. Election of Chairman:

Cllr D Llewellyn was nominated and seconded and with no further nominations accepted the role of Chairman.

2. The Chairman signed acceptance of office form.

3. Apologies for Absence accepted from:

Cllr S Briston, Cllr B Glover

4. Election of Vice-Chairman:

Cllr M Peake was nominated and seconded and with no further nominations accepted the role of Vice-Chairman.

5. No Declarations of Interest declared.

6. Approval of Minutes:

The minutes of the 11/03/09 were confirmed as a true record of the meeting.

7. Matters Arising:

* The clerk is to continue to research painting of the clock face.

* Highways have said the corner of Church Lane by the play area will be kerbed but it is not known when.

8. Chairman's Report:

* Wretton sewerage system was discussed at the Annual Parish meeting and since then a further incident has taken place. Cllr. Mansell took photographs of the sewerage overflow that occurred outside 'Ashcroft' along Chequers Road on 07/05/09. Mrs. Mansell spoke to Mr. Jacobs at the time and they both reported the incident to Anglianwater waste management team. Mrs Mansell also tried to contact Paul Bradman, Customer Response Manager at Anglianwater, the Environmental Health Team at the Borough Council and the Environment Agency. The Chairman has since contacted Paul Elson at Anglianwater, who has dealt with the sewerage problems previously, and Borough Council Environmental Officer Claire Hanna regarding this incident. He has been informed that the overflow was caused by a blockage and the sewerage scheme should be jetted twice a year. This has not happened recently. Maintenance teams are sub contracted and the position is being checked. The Chairman is to have further discussion with Anglianwater about this latest problem with Wretton sewerage system and is also expecting Claire Hanna to report back to him following further investigation. The BCKLWN Chief Environmental Officer, Andy Piper, has been made aware of this latest incident and MP Chris Fraser will also be informed.

It is possible the sewerage system is being misused and guidelines provided by Anglianwater will be published. There may be insufficient flow through the system for it to self cleanse and a further meeting with Anglianwater will be requested to discuss matters. The Chairman will personally write to Chris Fraser and Anglainwater regarding the sewerage system. Cllr. Mansell was thanked for input and recent correspondence from Mr. A Jacobs was noted.

* The 'No Parking' signs erected on Wretton Green have been removed, assumed to be stolen. Comment was raised that vehicles were parked on the Green during recent services at the Church but the Church had not approached the Parish Council to request this. The Church will be contacted regarding parking on the Green and invited to attend a future meeting to discuss alternative parking. Debate took place as to whether to replace the signs or if posts should be erected around the Green to stop vehicles driving onto the grass. A crime number has been obtained for loss of the signs.

* PCSO Sophie Watson attended the meeting to report crime figures and answer concerns. There are very few incidents reported in Wretton and in the past four months only two. One being the theft of the signs and the other a neighbour dispute. The meeting was opened to the public to allow questions to be asked. Concern was voiced about the safety of students waiting for the school bus by the bus shelter as there is limited space at the roadside. Vehicles speeding through the village is also a danger and PCSO Watson was asked to pass this to the traffic police. Low Road can be used as a rat run.

A query was also raised regarding the length or tractors and trailers as units are almost too big for the village roads. The roads were not built for such long outfits as now exist and these vehicles create a hazard especially around bends.

Parking was also reported as creating a hazard especially on the blind bends near Fendicks Cottage.

Clerk's Report:

The Clerk has requested that the SAM (speed awareness signs) mobile signs visit Wretton.

9. Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.

Cheques for approval of payment

Clerk's wages/expenses (March /April) £109.58

MHB Services x2 £30.80 NCAPTC subs 2009 £109.19

E.on £208.51

Insurance £592.49

Finance - @ 30th April 2009 1272.11

Community Account

Business Premium Account(1) 1685.40

Business Premium Account(2) 12245.36

Business Reserve Account 819.40


9.1 The accounts for the year ending March 31st 2009 were accepted as presented.

9.2 It was agreed to appoint the same Internal Auditor as used last year.

9.3 Cllr A Box has constructed a new notice board which has replaced the old one by the phone box. Thanks were voiced to Cllr. Box for his generous donation.

9.4 Membership of CPRE will be an agenda item again at the next meeting when benefits of joining will be researched.

9.5 Some discussion took place regarding the Parish Council giving donations from money raised through the precept. It was felt very good justification is needed to spend public money in this way and therefore it was agreed no donation would be made to Norfolk Accident Rescue.

9.6 A second quote will be requested for renewal of the Parish Council insurance policy. The Clerk will provide Councillors with further information and obtain approval from the Chairman and Vice-Chairman for change of company if it is deemed a better offer is made.

10. Correspondence:

1. Local Development Framework Briefing Sessions;

6.30pm - 7.30pm - Thursday May 24th Downham Market Town Hall or Tuesday May 26th Kings Lynn Town Hall

2. CPRE Litter Pick - notice will be displayed inviting volunteers.

3. Guidance notes on how to make a complaint under the Code of Conduct about a Member's behaviour.

4. Public Sector Equality Duties

5. Council meeting agenda 23/04/09

6. Local List Validation Requirements: Consultation

7. Standards Committee meeting minutes

8. Norfolk Link

9. Policing Plan 2009/12

10. Structural Reviews of Norfolk

11. The Playing Field Newsletter

12. Norfolk Matters

13. Your Council

11. Planning:

Nothing to consider.

12. To consider planting trees in the parish in memory of Mr. Proctor:

The Parish Council is happy to endorse trees being planted around the village in memory of Mr. Proctor. Locations were discussed and the Parish Council will continue to actively consider suitable sites. It is possible the area around the pond on the Green could be landscaped and could perhaps be a commerative area. Members of the public will be consulted and sites identified before planting in the autumn.

13. Lime House Drove:

Ownership of Lime House Drive is being researched. The Chairman will contact David Mills, Rights of Way Officer, and this matter will be an agenda item again at the July meeting.

14. Footpaths and hedges by All Saints Place which are in need of maintenance have been reported to Freebridge Housing Association.

15. Further reports - for information only;

15.1 It was reported hedges and verges in the parish need cutting back.

15.2 It was requested that the agendas for meetings should be put on the website.

15.3 The question of whether the minutes of Parish Council meetings should be published before they are signed will de an agenda item for the July meeting.

Public Participation

Meeting closed at 8.35pm.

Parish Clerk

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