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August 2009

Minutes of June 3rd West Dereham Parish Council



Present: Mrs Claire Cann - Chairman, Mrs Doreen Berry, Mrs Ruth Marsters, Mr Barry Glover.

13 members of the public

Mr Trevor Manley - Borough Councillor

1. Apologies for Absence accepted from:

Ms A Richardson, Mr. R Drew, Mr. P Murfitt.

2. No Declarations of Interest made.

3. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on May 7th 2009 were agreed as a true record.

4. All matters arising were noted as agenda items.

5. Standing Orders and Financial Regulations were accepted:

It was agreed to include the decision to present an update on accounts at each Parish Council meeting and a report from the Village Hall Committee. It was agreed amendments and additions could be made in future when appropriate.

6. Reports:

6.1 Chairman's Report:

a) Extra areas to be cut around the parish have been added to the 2009 grass cutting contract. Mr. P Murfitt has met with the contractor to ensure it is clear what areas are to be mown and Mr. Murfitt will monitor grass cutting.

b) It was noted litter picking is voluntarily undertaken by a parishioner in some parts of the village. However, it was apparent from comments made by members of the public that there are areas of the parish where rubbish is a problem. Now the grass has been cut litter is evident, particularly in the hedge at Basil Road. Notices will be displayed to gauge whether villagers wish to undertake a village litter pick.

c) The leaflet drop this month included minutes from the Annual Parish Meeting, contact details of Councillors and a request for parishioners to let the Clerk know if they might be interested in joining a bulk buying oil group.

d) The Chairman and Clerk attended a recent briefing session held by the Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk regarding the Local Development Framework. The Borough Council is now considering how land in the Borough might be developed over the next twenty five years and the Council is keen to hear views from residents relating to how land in their local areas should be used. Comments can be made electronically via www.west-norfolk.gov.uk or by post: The LDF Team, Kings Court, Chapel Street, King's Lynn, PE30 1EX. Inappropriate business development in rural issues is an issue that can be considered during the LDF consultation.

The meeting was briefly suspended for Mr. Manley to inform those present that landowners can put forward land that will be considered for future development as part of the LDF process.

The Clerk will check whether any proposals for development for land in West Dereham have been put forward.

6.2 Clerk's Report:

a) The Clerk has researched the cost of planters. With a starting price of £91 for a small metal planter it has been deemed too costly to purchase planters at present. It is possible wooden planters can be made as originally suggested.

b) The Clerk has registered with the Boundary Committee that the Parish Council would prefer the status quo rather than Unitary Norfolk.

c) Further investigation will be made regarding the Parish Council undertaking Well Being training in conjunction with Weeting Parish Council.

7. Accounts: Financial position update

7.1 One payment for May of £11.50 for printing was agreed for payment. The Clerks timesheet for the period 07/05/09 to 31/05/09 was presented to Councillors.

7.2 The Accounts for the year ending March 31st 2009 were accepted. At March 31st the bank balance stood at £2322.58, the net balance being £2292.64. There is £1609.82 held in the reserve account. Consideration will be given as to how this money should be allocated at the July meeting. The Annual return for the year ended 31st March was duly signed.

7.3 A trial website is being set up for the Parish Council which will be compared to the free parishcouncilinvolve site before a decision is made as to whether money held in reserve should be spent on the provision of a website. To have a website set up professionally could cost from £250 upwards depending on what is wanted.

7.4 Enquiries are to be made into the cost of providing individual indemnity insurance for members of the Village Hall Committee as delegated managers and for Parish Councillors as owners/trustees. The Millennium Trustees have such insurance and the solicitor working for the Village Hall Committee has recommended cross indemnities be considered for Parish Councillors and members of the Village Hall Committee. This will be an agenda item for the July meeting.

8. Correspondence:

8.1 Training session for Councillors - June 25th 10am to 3.30pm at Snettisham Village Hall - cost £40

8.2 Community Development Information Leaflet - Funding Opportunities

8.3 LDF Site Allocations & Policies Development Plan Document (copies given to Councillors present). See Chairman's Report, item 6.1d.

9. Planning applications:

9.1 Single storey extension to provide new kitchen, following the demolition of existing linked outbuilding at 5 St Andrews Close, West Dereham, PE33 9RG 09/00760/F

Approval recommended

9.2 Glazewing Ltd, land off Station Road: Certificate of Lawfulness: for existing use: Glazewing Ltd Grid Ref: 565806299756

The clerk has been contacted by four parishioners who are concerned about this application but could not attend the meeting. Enquiries made to Norfolk County Council Planning and Transportation Department by the Chairman indicate that for the Certificate of Lawfulness to be granted Glazewing must prove use of the land for the past ten years. It was decided the Parish Council should not send comments to Norfolk County Council regarding this application as granting a Certificate would allow Glazewing the opportunity to make increased use of HGV's to collect skips outside of site operating times.

The meeting was closed at 8.40pm to allow members of the public to speak. Much discussion took place regarding Glazewing operations and which areas of the Station Road site come under the control of the operators licence. An e-mail sent to the Clerk by Norfolk County Council Planning Enforcement Officer, Mark Potter, was read out by the Chairman to help clarify the present position. Mr. Potter stated enforcement action could be taken against Glazewing regarding use of land for storage which was not covered by planning permission. The new owners of Glazewing have said no new road is likely to be built but there may be plans to extend Glezewing operations for which planning permission will be sought.

A letter received from the Traffic Commissioner was also read out. The operators licence for Glazewings Station Road site is to be reviewed.

The meeting was re-opened at 9.00pm.

The Chairman has drafted a letter to be sent to Glazewing in reply to a letter received by the Parish Council. The letter was read out and it was agreed it should be sent as read out.

9.3 NCC Decision Notice:

Land at Grange Farm, off Main Road, Crimplesham 12.5 hectares: Replacement quarry with processing of aggregates, recycling and landfilling of inert waste materials back to near original ground levels: Frimstone Ltd Dickerson Grid Ref: 5663030343


(To begin within three years with restoration in 1029/32)

10. Further reports:

10.1 Village Hall

It was reported that the Village Hall has around £3300 in the bank. A successful bingo evening raised just over £200. Plans to refurbish the hall are going ahead. It is hoped the building regulations will be approved and then tenders for the work will be sought. Three quotes will need to be provided with any grant application. The Village Trust is paying costs from interest received on money held.


Wire on the wooden footbridge by West Dereham Abbey was reported as needing to be replaced.

Parish Clerk

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