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Teenage Tangent

August 2009

A new teenage column by our first teenage correspondent.

Many of the older generation believe that kids now are just troublesome and dangerous to be around. When you listen to the news you can hear this is partly truth, because of all recent stabbings that happen in big towns and cities, which seem to always involve young people. However this is not true for most teenage kids here in Stoke Ferry and Wretton, they are the ones who go about their lives just like anyone else.

Young people in Stoke Ferry and Wretton have very little to do here. I believe that part of the reason children get themselves into trouble is because they feel bored and lacking motivation to do other things. So this is why I am thinking of ideas of how we could improve or add some activities for young people to do, to keep them out of trouble.

I do know of a couple of clubs that go on for young people and others who might be interested. There is a karate club on Thursday nights, it costs £2.50 per night, the age range for this is 8 and up, for anyone that is interested in this please contact me for more information (address below.)

I have recently thought of a couple of ideas involving a bus coming down once a week and taking a few of the local children down to Downham for swimming. I have researched this idea and for a junior leisure card it would cost £5.20 for a year which is available for any person aged 16 and under. However this is slightly problematic as i am not confident that all young people would be interested in this idea, the more i know that wish to do this, the more possible it is to happen. If we can come up with some good suggestions and compile a proposal then we could be eligible for a grant. So if you are interested and would like to talk more about this or get involved then please feel free to email me at stokefortheyoung@aol.co.uk or if you have any other ideas about activities. With team work we could make Wretton and Stoke Ferry a place where young people and adults love to live.

April Lister

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