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Letter to The Editor

August 2009

Peter has some harsh words for Stoke Ferry Parish Council

Dear Ray,

I have been away recently and returned in mid June to the May edition of The Village Pump.

I was somewhat disillusioned, even in this era of high political turmoil, to read the report of the Stoke Ferry Parish Council of May 13th. Two items stood out and as such and I draw the attention of all council members to my letter.

To refuse a donation to the local children's hospice is meanness of scrooge-like proportions that beggars belief...even a tenner would have shown some compassion (at 8p per head of population?). Let me tell you all straight, that as a substantial tax payer in the parish, it is my wish that this children's hospice receives some of my precept. Hang your heads in shame councillors.

Later in the same minutes we read that on site visits for planning there is to be no discussion with applicants...How in the name of all that is holy do you expect to learn and understand anything if you do not talk and ask questions. Presumably site meetings are to gain information ...what better way than to talk to all those involved.

I was Parish Council Chairman at Narborough for just over twelve years so please don't try to come back with any gobbledygook about rules. It won't wash.

Peter Bodle

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