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August Editorial

August 2009

Ray announces a new teeanage correspondent and congratulates Chloe Smith on becoming Conservative MP for Norwich North

Hello and welcome to your August Edition of The Village Pump.

I am delighted to announce that we have our first young person as a regular contributor. Please see April Lister's Teenage Tangent on page 54. Not only is April going to write a monthly column for local teenagers, but she has also set up a website for young people to encourage them to get together and organise events and activities. Let us all give her as much support as we possible can.

As forecast, we have a bumper edition this month with Parish Council minutes and several fascinating articles. But please do accept Graham Forster's challenge on page 42 and send in your favourite dinner guests and your least favourite. It will be fascinating to see who receive the most votes in this light hearted reader participation.

As I write this editorial, the Norwich North Bye Election is still a couple of days away. But whatever the outcome I will include a piece just before we go to print (page 54). Meantime, The Village Pump, although strictly non-political, wishes Chloe Smith, whose parents and grandparents live in Stoke Ferry, best wishes in her campaign to replace Dr Ian Gibson.

Your copy of the August Pump contains a Subscription invitation. It enables you to purchase 12 copies for the price of 11 but, more important, it helps us planning the number of copies we need to produce each month. So please, if you want to receive your Pump regularly do complete the form and return it with your remittance to jean Bonnet at the address shown.

National and local papers seem to carry conflicting views on the Swine Flu' epidemic. NHS Norfolk confirms that 1,000 doses of the anti-flu' vaccine was issued last week but then state that this does not necessarily mean we have 1,000 victims in Norfolk. And, more important, many of those who do test positive can expect only minor symptoms that last around a week. So the message is, don't get over stressed by the claims and counter-claims in the media. A reliable source is quoted as saying that the effect of Swine Flu' is unlikely to be any more significant than the common variety. But, if you feel you may have contracted the virus, follow the instructions issued by the NHS and stay at home in the warm until the fever abates. Lets hope all our readers can enjoy a virus free summer holiday and build up their immunity for the winter.

Ray Thompson

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