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July 2009

West Dereham Parish Council annual meeting minutes




Present: Mrs C Cann - Chairman,

Ms A Richardson, Mr B Glover, Mr P Murfitt, Mrs D Berry, Mrs R Marsters, Mr R Drew

Mr R Rockcliffe - County Councillor

9 members of the public

1. No Apologies for Absence.

2. Election of Chairman;

Mrs C Cann was proposed and seconded and with no other nominations Mrs Cann was elected to remain as Chairman.

3. Chairman signed declaration of acceptance of office.

4. Election of Vice-Chairman:

Ms A Richardson was proposed and seconded and with no other nominations elected as Vice-Chairman. Ms. Richardson stated that she is happy to act as Chairman at meetings should Mrs Cann not be in attendance but has no intention of standing as Chairman in the future.

5. Declaration of Interest:

None declared.

6. The minutes of the meeting held on 02/04/09 were confirmed as a true record of the meeting.

7. Matters Arising from the minutes:

7.1 A letter dated April 21st received from Glazewing was read out by the Chairman and notes relating to fly tipping copied from the DEFRA website, as referred to in the letter, were available for Councillors. Councillors were asked for comments as to how the Parish Council should reply to the letter. The letter states Glazewing is committed to reducing its environmental impact on the village although comment was made that this reduction is not apparent. One Councillor said Glazewing try to get their own drivers to travel slowly through the village. Police reports of speed checks conducted in the parish are said to have shown no vehicle travelling more than 30mph through the village although a number of residents have reported otherwise and the Parish Council should be mindful of parishioners concerns.

The letter from Glazewing also states the company has received only one complaint recently and that they employ 63 direct employees, half of them being from the local area. Following the April meeting of The Parish Council the Clerk has written to Glazewing regarding vehicles speeding through the village, entering the village via Lime Kiln Road and Bath Road and suggesting it would be beneficial if a representative from Glazewing attended meetings of the Parish Council.

The meeting was opened to the public at 8.15pm for comment. One member of the public claimed to have complained to Glazewing at least six times and knew of one other parishioner who has also complained. It was reported that times when vehicles are noted as speeding coincide with when Glazewing employees are going to or leaving off work. Residents see both cars and lorries speeding through the village. There is possibly an issue with locals speeding as well as an issue of the impact 30-45 tonne lorries are having on the village. A large double unit lorry was recently seen entering the village along Lime Kiln Road and then struggling to reverse out of the Row. Brief discussion took place regarding the confusion that may be caused by directional signs on the A134 from Thetford which point to the recycling centre at Crimplesham and not to the Glazewing site. The Highway engineer is to look at this. Meeting closed for public comment at 8.20pm.

Debate continued as to how and in what tone any reply to Glazewing should be made. The Parish Council has had little communication with Glazewing since the new owners took over. The Chairman said there are other businesses within the village but the Parish Council has not received complaints about them. The Parish Council supports the rural economy but at the end of the day Glazewing's priority is its shareholders whereas the Parish Council's responsibility is to village residents.

Negotiations regarding a new access road to the Glazewing site appear to have ceased. With this in mind it was felt a response to the letter should be robust, as it does need to be recognised that the Parish Council and the company do have different priorities. The Parish Council feels it would assist relations if Glazewing had a representative attend Parish Council meetings. Members of the public said they have been abandoned by the Borough Council and Norfolk County Council.

The matter regarding fly tipping of tyres in the parish was discussed and it may be that this is a problem in other local areas. It was suggested Glazewing could be asked to remove tyres dumped around the parish as a gesture of goodwill.

The letter from Glazewing also commented that the company was disappointed that the Parish Council appeared to be encouraging members of the public to complain to VOSA about Glazewing. Those at the meeting accepted that members of the public who wished to make a compliant were directed to contact VOSA as well as the Parish Council as the Parish Council cannot complain to VOSA on behalf of others. Therefore members of the public with complaints did need to be informed and encouraged of the need to contact VOSA themselves as contacting the Parish Council only would not be sufficient to achieve a review of Glazewings HGV operators licence. The Parish Council is obliged to inform parishioners of correct procedure.

7.2 It was uncertain whether the path around the allotments has been cut by the maintenance contractor. Mr Murfitt offered to clarify the grass cutting contact with Country Grounds Maintenance.

7.3 A document has been received from Norfolk County Council for consent to place flower containers along Church Road. This will be duly signed and returned. The Borough Council will be approached about the provision of planters.

7.4 The Chairman outlined the two final options of the Local Government Review as published by the Boundary Committee. They are:

* One council for Norfolk - based on the Norfolk boundaries

* Two councils for Norfolk - one for an expanded Norwich and another for the rest of Norfolk.

West Dereham Parish Council has already stated preference for the status quo and will do so again.

7.5 It is estimated a professional website for the Parish Council would cost at least £200 to establish. If this is wanted it will be necessary to allocate money in next years budget. The parishcouncilinvolve website has been set up but it is basic.

8. Chairman's Report:

* The Annual Parish Meeting was held on Thursday April 30th. Reports were given by the Chairman of the Parish Council, representatives of the Church, the Millennium Committee, the Village Hall, the Heritage Group and regarding the allotments. A pamphlet will be produced to distribute to households in the parish containing the reports and other Parish Council information.

* Some discussion took place regarding whether or not the Parish Council should give donations from money raised through the precept. It was decided the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal should continue to be supported but no further allowance should be made in future budgets for other charitable donations.

* The suggested litter pick for the village as encouraged by CPRE will be an agenda item for the June meeting if there appears to be support for this activity. The possibility of clearing the pit along Lime Kiln Road owned by Norfolk County Council was mentioned and it is hoped this may be undertaken by Norfolk Property Services.

Clerk's Report:

* The clerk has attended training relating to the Power of Well Being and a written report of this was presented to Councillors. Power of Well Being training for Councillors would cost £200. It may be possible to undertake training in conjunction with another local council and this option will be explored.

* The next Watlington area Safer Neighbourhood Team meeting will be held on May 22nd at 7pm at Crimplesham Village Hall.

9. Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.

Cheques for approval of payment:

Payee Net VAT Gross

E.on 37.03 1.85 38.88

Environment Agency 15.19 15.19

Village Hall 40.00 40.00

Allianz Insurance 452.82 452.82

NRCC 15.00 15.00

NCAPTC 110.27 110.27

Printing 5.00 0.75 5.75

A second quote of £342.30 for renewal of the Parish Council insurance has been received. This will be confirmed and cover compared. It was agreed that the Clerk should accept this second offer if it was considered to be the best value.

9.2 The accounts for the year ending 31/03/09 will need to be accepted by the Council at the June meeting. The bank mandate is being updated and an end of year bank balance will be completed once current bank statements are received.

9.3 It was agreed to appoint Mr Barry Fox as internal auditor. It is expected his fee will be £40.00.

9.4 It was agreed to increase all burial fees of parishioners by £5.00 and of non-parishioner by £10.00.

9.5 It was felt it is acceptable for the Parish Council to pay to rent for using the Village Hall for meetings as services are used but that there should be no charge to the Parish Council to store records at the hall.

9.6 The salt bin presently located by the bus shelter is mistakenly being used as a dog waste bin. Much discussion took place as to whether the Parish Council should install an official dog waste bin by the shelter. It was decided to remove the salt bin and hope to keep the litter bin, also located by the bus shelter, emptied. Enquiries will be made to confirm whether or not dog faeces can be included with household rubbish.

Mr B Glover left the meeting at 10.00pm.

10. Correspondence:

1. Local Development Framework Briefing Sessions - copied to Councillors

2. Local List Validation Requirements - www.norfolk.gov.uk/locallistconsultation

3. Norfolk Policing Plan 2009-12

4. BCKLWN Council meeting agenda 23/04/09

5. NRCC Signpost

6. Public Sector Duties

7. The Playing Field Newsletter

8. Norfolk Matters

9. Norfolk Link

Notice of Decision - Grant of Planning Permission

Construction of agricultural building at Bath Springs, Bath Road, West Dereham 09/00286/F

11. Planning:

Planning application received for consideration:

Location: Sunnyside, Brooks Lane, West Dereham

Details: Removal of existing tin barn and erection of new tin barn

Ref. No: 09/00310/F

Recommended refusal

The reasons given for objection being the increased height and size of the replacement barn seemingly inappropriate for a residential property and not in keeping with the surroundings.

12. Standing Orders and Financial Regulations:

This item will be an agenda item for the June meeting.

13. Other Reports - for information only:

13.1 Due to European and County Council elections being held the June meeting of the Parish Council will need to be held on Wednesday June 3rd at 8pm.

13.2 A copy of guidance on how to make a complaint about a member of the Council will be made available in the village notice board.

Parish Clerk

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