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Wretton & Stoke Ferry Parish walk

June 2009

Keith describes the annual Beating of the Bounds

On Rogation Sunday (17th May) 16 intrepid walkers and 3 dogs set off from Wretton Church to walk to Whittington Church on a blustery day with lots of sun and some rain. We stopped for coffee and a brief chat by the Common, near the Water Works and then had a picnic on the river side under the Stoke Ferry By-Pass bridge by Whittington roundabout, while we watched the soft rain falling in the river.

A good time was had by all! The non-Whittington residents turned round and walked back to Wretton, this time following the south bank of the Cut-off Channel.

We hope to make this an annual Springtime/Rogation event, actually following the parish boundaries, probably covering the whole boundary over three or four years. Much of the boundary is across private land and the permission of the owners will of course need to be sought.

Beating the Bounds is a well established tradition in many parishes throughout the land and it would be good to establish it here also.

Keith MacLeod

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