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Wretton PC Minutes

June 2009



Present: Cllr D Llewellyn - Chairman,

Cllr M Peake, Cllr A Box, Cllr L Peake, Cllr S Briston, Cllr. M Mansell, Cllr B Glover.

4 members of the public

1. Apologies for Absence accepted from:

Borough Councillor Mr. C Sampson, County Councillor Mr. A White.

2. No Declarations of Interest made.

3. The Minutes of the meeting held on 13/01/09 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters Arising:

* The Parish Council has not received any further correspondence relating to the sewerage scheme but as there has been much interest in this matter a report will be published in the Pump and on the Council website.

* It was reported that a parishioner had been seen replacing a bulb in a street light. The street light maintenance contractors will be asked to check all lights in the parish to ensure they are in a safe condition.

* The Wretton village name plate along the West Dereham Road is still to be put back. Highways have been approached regarding the possible kerbing of the edge of the Green by the play area. It is hoped this will be undertaken in the new financial year. It was suggested drainage work may also be needed in this area as water accumulates at the entrance to Church Lane.

5. Chairman's Report:

The Chairman reported that he will be updating the website and it was agreed Councillors contact details will be included on the site. The recent revised Freedom of Information Act publication scheme has been published on the website. Information relating to a schedule of charges for requesting information can be obtained from the Clerk. A copy of the Parish Council's present accounts summary will also be published on the website - www.wretton.org.uk

Clerk's Report:

The Clerk has continued to try to locate a contractor prepared to repaint the face of the Church clock, but so far has been unsuccessful.

6. Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.

Cheques for approval of payment

Clerk's wages/expenses (Jan./Feb. inc. stamps) £118.41

MHB Services x2 £32.80

Norfolk Playing fields Association subs. £20.00

Finance - @ January 31st 2009

Community Account £1716.32

Business Premium Account £1685.01

Business Reserve Account £819.23

Business Premium Reserve Account £12239.87

6.1 Discussion took place regarding the replacement of the Parish Council notice board located by the phone box. A quote of £500 to £550 has been received to replace the present wooden notice board with an aluminium board as at the bus shelter. Councillors agreed they could not approve such expenditure. Cllr. A Box offered to submit a quotation to undertake this work himself.

6.2 It was agreed the street light on the Green should be replaced. The estimated cost for this has been given at £185. The street light maintenance contractors will be asked to review all lights in the Parish. Consideration will then be given to a possible replacement programme of lights to modernise if beneficial and also to become greener with regard to light pollution and energy efficiency.

7. Correspondence:

1. The Playing Field Newsletter

2. Norfolk Link

3. Funding Opportunities

4. NALC Green and Gold summits

5. Council meeting agenda 22/01/09 and 26/02/09

6. Open water - information regarding the hazards of open water and the need to undertake a risk assessment on areas of open water under the management of the Parish Council. A risk assessment of the pond on the Green will be conducted.

7. Donation request from Norfolk Accident Rescue - more information will be sought regarding the work of Norfolk Accident Rescue and the request for a donation will be put on the agenda for the next meeting of the Parish Council.

8. Safer Neighbourhood Team Community Action Group meeting dates

9. e-consultation pilot scheme - the Clerk will respond to register interest in the BCKLWN/Planning Portal e-consultation for planning applications

8. Planning:

No planning applications received.

9. It was agreed the date for the Annual Parish Meeting will be April 29th 2009 @ 7.30pm.

To be held in All Saints Church, Wretton.

10. Other Reports/items for the next agenda - for information only:

10.1 Stoke Ferry Parish Council has requested a joint approach to requesting a reduction in the speed limit past Stoke Ferry Primary School. This campaign will be undertaken and a request will be made that all speed limits throughout Wretton should be reviewed.

10.2 Complaints were received that water is accumulating at the entrance to Fruit Garden Lane bridle path, at the entrance to Lime House Drove and at Church Lane. It was suggested Highways be approached regarding providing planings to fill holes. Footpaths in the village are reported as all in need of maintenance work. County Councillor Tony White and MP Chris Fraser will be notified and asked to assist with Highway concerns.

10.3 Parking along Church Road is still causing problems. This has been reported to the Safer Neighbourhood Team.

10.4 It was noted minutes of Parish Council meetings are available on the Council website and copies are posted on the village notice boards once the minutes have been approved. Minutes are also printed in the Pump every other month alternated with a report from each meeting.

10.5 Pot holes were reported along Low Road.

10.6 It was reported sewerage has been deposited on land very close to the road along the West Dereham Road.


(Limited to 15 mins)

* Much discussion took place regarding the accumulation of water by the entrance to Lime House Drove. The comment was made that drainage was better in the area before the entrance to the drove was tarmaced. The Parish Council will attempt to clarify the classification of the drove and whether or not vehicles are permitted to be driven along Lime House Drove. This will be an agenda item for the Annual Parish Meeting.

* It was suggested the Parish Council could assist to ease the problems of parking in Church Road by publicising the problem and so reminding residents to park considerately. A newsletter will be published to include a request for sensible parking and the matter will be published in the Pump.

Parish Clerk

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