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Stoke Ferry Annual Parish Meeting Minutes

June 2009

Minutes of 2009 Stoke Ferry Annual Parish meeting


Minutes of Stoke Ferry Annual Parish Meeting held in the Community Centre At 7.15pm on Wednesday 13 May 2009

Those Attending Mr M Ferrie (Chairman), Mrs T Mann (Vice-Chair) Mrs M Leamon, Mr D Summers, Mrs R Mendoza, Mrs S Lansdell-Williams, Mr J Nicholas-Letch, Mr J Fiedler, Borough Councillor C Sampson, Mrs C Hardy (Clerk), 16 members of the public.

Apologies Were received from County Councillor T White and Mr M Precey

Minutes of Last Meeting

Mrs M Mendoza proposed acceptance of the minutes, seconded by Mr J Fiedler

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

Playing Field Report

A report from the Playing Field Committee was read thanking the Parish Council for the money donated towards the insurance also for the grass cutting in the field. They are organising bingo sessions and events to be held on the field in the summer. There will be three football teams using the field next season. They are applying for a brick built changing rooms and associated facilities. A request was made for a meeting with the PC Planning Sub-Committee once the plans for this had been received, this will be set up as soon as possible. There have been problems with people using the rubbish bins in the playing fields for dog faeces asking if a designated dog waste bin could be provided. It was agreed that in the first instance a notice be placed on the existing rubbish bins asking people not to place dog waste in them. The situation will be monitored.

Parish Plan Action Group

Since the last meeting the group had been trying to make progress with various points raised in the Stoke Ferry Plan. As the Dukes Head and Millers Arms are both empty properties the group have been attempting to have a meeting with the management of Vion to put forward some ideas which would bring these buildings back into use, such as a youth centre, health centre, performing arts to name a few. To date it has not been possible to organise a meeting with Vion for various reasons. It was agreed that the Clerk would write to Vion requesting a meeting, stating the time scale which has elapsed in trying to organise such a meeting, asking for a response as to whether or not they are willing to consider the proposals. Other points discussed were transport to the surgery, police presence in the village, public transport, affordable housing.

Village Hall Committee Report

The hall continues to do well, plenty of bookings, the weekly bingo sessions are well attended by all age groups.

Chairman's Report

Mr Ferrie outlined some of the positive points during the past year, better relationship with the police, the Cemetery is now looking much tidier, the signed protocol agreement in relation to the Care Home, new bus stops, numbering of Wretton Road. Affordable housing, attempting to secure land for allotments to name but a few. He thanked everyone for their support during his time as chairman.

Any Other Business

Mr Summers referred to the scheme for providing transport to the surgery, if the PC wished to join this scheme they would have to apply to the Borough Council. Mr Ferrie asked that several proposals be put together with documentation from the borough, which may be circulated to all councillors and will be discussed further at a future meeting.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.45pm.

Parish Clerk

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