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June 2009

Paul gives some advice on how to use natural methods to improve your garden.

Natural help for your Garden Plants

In the current climate of carbon footprints and the move to a greener planet we need to look to Mother Nature to help produce natural aids to improve and maintain high yields.

For many years the agricultural and horticultural industry has used predatory bugs to keep plant bugs under control. There are now revolutionary new products growth enhancers and protectors available to professional and amateur gardeners alike. The following is one such organic product

Growth Enhancer


Promotes and protects naturally.

Mycortex is an exciting new product for horticultural use. It has long been recognised that mycorrhizae enable plants to extract nutrients from the soil much more easily than roots alone. This is because the fungus lives in close association with roots. The increased ability of roots with mycorrhizae to obtain nutrients is particularly important with copper and zinc, while the uptake of phosphate in low phosphate conditions is dramatic. Even the uptake of easily available nutrients is greatly improved.

Mycortex contains Trichodema species also naturally occurring fungi, which crowd out many plant diseases that attack roots. The microbial and fungal species in Mycortex have been known to protect plants against such fungal diseases as Fusarium, Pythium, Rhizoctonia and Phytophthora.

The complex of organisms in Mycortex also includes a large number of beneficial bacteria that help plants to grow better and some will fix nitrogen and so improve soil fertility and structure. The addition of humates acts as a balancing agent making applied nutrients biologically available. Humates also act as strong root stimulants promoting healthy root proliferation.

In short Mycortex will:

Stimulate and promote root growth

Improve plant nutrition (especially in adverse conditions)

Promote nitrogen fixing.

Improve stress resistance

Improve disease resistance

Improve soil micro-flora.

Reduce the need to use chemicals in the soil.

Make plants greener and healthier over time.

Improve cropping when plants are grown normally.

Improve soil quality and structure.

Improve resistance to very cold weather.

You can use Mycortex for all plants. However, because you are using nature to help, results are not immediate. It will take a number of weeks for the organisms to develop and multiply and the benefits will become more apparent as time progresses, especially in warmer weather conditions. There is little point in using Mycortex on plants that are to be grown only for a few weeks where they are well fed and watered.

Long term plantings in patio containers or those that are being potted on will benefit greatly. Whether you grow apples, begonias, onions, leeks or potatoes, raspberries or shrubs or just wishing to improve your grass, the considered benefits will be long lasting.

Put simply - place Mycortex - near roots of plants and see the improvements grow.

Mycortex is not hazardous to humans or animals. However persons with known skin or allergy problems should wear protective gloves and mask.

We have it for sale in 200g bags if you require any please ring 01366500691 or visit the nursery for more information and sales.

Happy Gardening.

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Paul Markwell,

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