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Minutes of Stoke Ferry Annual Parish Council Meeting

June 2009

Stoke Ferry 2009 Annual Parish Council Meeting


Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Annual Council Meeting held in the Community Centre

At 7.45pm on Wednesday 13 May 2009

Those Attending: Cllr M Ferrie (Chairman), Cllr Mrs T Mann (Vice-Chair), Cllr D Summers, Cllr Mrs Lansdell-Williams, Cllr J Nicholas-Letch, Cllr J Fiedler, Cllr Mrs M Leamon, Cllr Mrs R Mendoza, Borough Councillor C Sampson, Mrs C Hardy (Clerk), 16 Members of the public.

Apologies: Apologies were received from Cllr Mr M Precey and County Councillor T White

Election of Chairman:

Nominations were asked for the position of Chairman - Mrs Leamon proposed Mrs T Mann, seconded by Mrs Mendoza, there were no further proposals. Mrs Mann accepted and took the chair.

Election of Vice-Chairman:

Nominations were asked for the post of Vice Chairman - Mr Summers proposed Mrs S Lansdell-Williams seconded by Mr Ferrie, there were no further nominations. Mrs Lansdell-Williams accepted the position.

Mrs Mann thanked Mr Ferrie for all he had done for the parish council during his time as a councillor and chairman.

Minutes of the last Meeting: Cllr Mrs Mendoza proposed acceptance, seconded by Cllr Mrs Lansdell-Williams.

Matters Arising:

a) Kebab Shop - the situation seems to have improved, the business is now under new management and hopefully they will ensure the area is kept tidy.

b) Parking Lynn Road - Mr Ferrie had spoken to the owner of the house/vans, they have now moved into the property, the van will be parked on the driveway - hopefully the situation will improve along this section of road. The situation to be monitored.

c) School Lane - The potholes have now been filled in.

d) Speed Limits Wretton Road - Wretton PC are keen to join with Stoke Ferry PC in attempting to get the speed limit reduced along this road. To date nothing further heard from Highways.

e) Lynn Road - the remedial works will be carried out during the new season - April/May.

f) Street Light Lynn Road - The ivy has been removed from this post and MHB have ensured all wiring etc is now safe.

g) Pothole Wretton Road - now been filled in.

h) Fence/Footpath near The Moorings/The Old Bull - This area is the subject of an enforcement case file, whereby planning approval should have been sought before any works took place, also change of use application. It was felt a site meeting should take place to assess the situation, Cllrs Summers, Nicholas-Letch, Fiedler and Mrs Mann will meet and report back to the next meeting.

i) Audit Commission Focus Meeting - Inspection report awaited

j) Oxborough Road Potholes - these works were done by the Chip Patching gang to seal the surface

k) High Street Sign - the Clerk had investigated the whereabouts of the sign, it is currently underneath the shop window. The owners of the premises have agreed that it can be moved to above the window, the work will be carried out by the borough council.

Adoption of Financial Regulations & Risk Assessment & Management:

Cllr Mrs Mann asked if everyone had read these documents, everyone was happy with them. Cllr Nicholas-Letch proposed acceptance seconded by Cllr Fiedler.

Adoption of Annual Accounts:

A copy of the end of year accounts had been circulated to everyone. Cllr Nicholas-Letch proposed acceptance seconded by Cllr Fiedler.

Bottle Bank Sign:

Two quotations had been received, IRS £20.70 plus VAT plus Delivery and A J Signs £56.07 plus VAT plus Delivery. Following discussion it was proposed by Cllr Summers seconded by Cllr Mrs Leamon that the quotation of IRS be accepted. It was agreed that when ready the sign would be collected to save delivery charges.


Following a recent meeting a letter had been send to Mrs Tully setting out the proposals of the PC also asking for a meeting to discuss them. The Clerk spoke to Mrs Tully last week, who had just returned from holiday, the other joint owners of the land were then going on holiday. It was agreed that the Clerk will telephone again in a couple of weeks.

The Cemetery - Sub-Committee

Cllr Mrs Mann pointed out there seemed to be several anomalies in the current fees for the Cemetery and felt it would be beneficial to set up a sub-committee who would then report to the PC with any proposals. The Committee will consist of Cllrs Nicholas-Letch, Mrs Lansdell-Williams, Mrs Mann and the Clerk.

Appointment of Signatory for Current Account:

Due to the resignation of Mr Ferrie a new signatory was required. It was agreed that Cllr Mrs Lansdell-Williams will be the new signatory. The Clerk will arrange for the necessary forms to be completed.

Planning Sub-Committee:

Due to the resignation of Mr Ferrie a new member of the sub-committee was required. It was agreed, in the first instance, to approach Cllr Precey on his return from holiday. If he is not willing to join the sub-committee the matter will be referred to the next meeting.

Ownership of Land in The Village:

Cllr Mrs Mann felt that the PC needed to investigate what if any land is owned by the PC in the village. She informed the meeting that Land Registry charge approximately £20 for some searches and asked if the PC could spend this sum on searches. Cllr Nicholas-Letch proposed the expenditure seconded by Cllr Fiedler. A small committee to be set up to carry out some investigations, consisting of Cllrs Nicholas-Letch, Mrs Medoza and Mrs Mann.

Litter Pick in the Village:

Cllr Mrs Mann informed the meeting that a Litter Pick had been arranged to take place on Sunday 7 June 2009 commencing at 10.30am at The Hill. Reflective jackets, bags, gloves and pickers will be supplied. Depending on how many people turn up, hopefully the whole village will be covered.

Village Liaison Meeting:

Cllr Mrs Mann reported there had been 7 complaints since the last meeting, five relating to dust and two relating to parking/speeding. The Environmental Health Department had agreed to move the dust monitor to a location near the village shop, but had to find an electricity supply in the area.

Local Government Reorganisation:

Cllr Nicholas-Letch attended a meeting on 27 April, the Boundary Committee are recommending two proposal, one for a single Norfolk unitary council or two Norfolk unitary councils - (the doughnut pattern). If this change were to take place it would cost in the region of £60million. Comments are required by the 14 May following which the Boundary Committee will make their recommendations to the Secretary of State by 15 July. It was felt in general there had been a lack of information for the general public to make an informed decision.

LAG Meetings:

Neither Cllr Summers or Mrs Mendoza had been able to attend the last meeting. The next CAG meeting will be held at Crimplesham on Wednesday 20 May at 7.00pm.


Approved by the Borough

Conversion of existing domestic garage to form extension to existing dwelling including replacement of flat roof with pitched roof at Honey Tree Furlong Drove.

Two storey extension to dwelling at Maltese House Lynn Road

Approved by Parish

Extension to dwelling at 41 Wretton Road

Approved by NCC

James Bradfield School - replacement of 2 mobile classrooms & one mobile toilet with single storey side extension

Referred to Development Control Board

Change of use of agricultural building and yard to storage and distribution of timber Stoke Ferry Timber Boughton Road

Construction of new dwelling and garage north west of Lavender Cottage Lynn Road

Accounts for Approval

Anglian Water - Direct Debit - £25.11 - Cemetery Water Rates

e-on - Direct Debit - £118.19 - Lighting January-March

BCKLWN - £79.36 - Cemetery Rates

NALC - £174.26 - Annual Subscription

BCKLWN - £31.99 - Collection Dog Waste - January-March

MHB Services £64.38 - Lighting Maintenance April/May

Mrs C Hardy - £261.76 - Salary for May 2009

Mrs C Hardy - £74.82 - Expenses for May 2009

e-on Direct Debit - £39.40 - Lighting - April

Allianz - £625.22 - Annual Insurance

MHB Services Ltd - £64.38 - Lighting Maintenance May/June

Stoke Ferry Playing Fields - £750.00 - Donation

Statement of Account as at end of March - Total Receipts - £10,814.93, less Payments to date £9053.43, plus un-presented cheques £81.93. Balance in Bank £1843.43. Balance in Bank as at 9 April (Bank Statement) £11,261.50.

Cllr Nicholas-Letch queried the value of the assets as set out in the end of year accounts, asking when they were last valued. It was agreed this would be looked into when the councillors meet to discuss land in the village etc.

Cllr Fielder proposed approval for payment seconded by Cllr Nicholas-Letch


Mr Matthew Ferrie tendering his resignation as councillors

Mr I Smith requesting a 12"x12" grey granite tablet with silver lettering on the grave of Henry and Eliza White. Approval was given for this and the fee to be paid will be £16.50.

Norfolk Rural Community Council - Membership April 2009/2010 - declined

PCSO Bunting re speeding cars in Buckenham Drive - asking if PC interested in Community Speed Watch - this was not agreed to last year.

East Anglia's Children's Hospice requesting donation - declined but would put letter on notice board

Norfolk Constabulary - dates for mobile police office for July - December

NALC - Initial Training for Clerks and Councillors

BCKLWN - Community Emergency Plans - contact numbers for out of hours

NALC - Local Government Review - current state of affairs

Councillors Other Business:

Cllr Fielder referred to the paintings on the Dukes Head saying a parishioner did not like them could they be removed. It was agreed that no action be taken on this matter. The police questionnaire recently circulated, would it be a good idea for it to be filled in by the persons attending the LAG/CAG meetings.

Cllr Mrs Lansdell-Williams would liaise with the Playing Field Committee to discuss any problems with grass cutting/strimming.

Cllr Ferrie reported a bad smell in Oak Road and Border Road again. The Clerk to contact Anglian Water. He also thanked everyone for the happy hours he had spent as a councillor.

Cllr Summers - reported there had been a problem in Bridge Road where a large hole had formed, this has now been piped and filled in by Highways.

Community Transport - the number of miles/times an individual can use the service can be restricted.

Noisy youths had been reported at the junction of Bridge Road/Oxborough Road late at night. The police are aware.

Cllr Nicholas-Letch asked when Highways were going to do any repairs in Furlong Road/Drove. The Clerk to chase this up.

Public Other Business

It was reported that people had been camping/having parties in the trees on The Common, also the area being used as a toilet. The matter to be reported to the police and ask environmental health to clear up the area.

New village hall, nothing heard to date, check with the developers as to the current situation. Cllr Nicholas-Letch asked that a meeting be arranged also a member of the village hall committee to attend.

Cemetery gate - bolt how been repaired.

Could their be an additional dust monitor. Cllr Mrs Mann stated they are so expensive that it was probably not feasible for a second one.

The question of light pollution in the village was raised. There is no knowledge of Stoke Ferry being in a light pollution area/scheme. If any lights need replacing would consider down lights.

When plans are received do the planning sub-committee visit the sites, they do when it was felt necessary, but only to look at site but no dialogue can take place with personnel involved.

Should requests for donations be declined in future and money go to good causes in the village

The pavements in Buckenham Drive - when were they going to be sorted out. BC Sampson informed the meeting that not many jobs even remedial works were being done at present because of lack of money. The Clerk to write to Highways/County Council relating to these works. Cllr Sampson will help.

Fire on By-pass - Cllr Mrs Mann informed the meeting that the Enforcement Officer had been informed and was investigating whether a change of use had been applied for or was necessary for the storing of these materials on the site. Because the traffic including large lorries was directed through village the weak bridge had been inspected but no serious damage reported.

Playing Fields - the path near the bungalows in Fairfield Road had not been strimmed - Cllr Lansdell-Williams to meet a member of the Playing Field Committee to look at the problems.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.30pm

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 24 June 2009 commencing at 7.30pm

Parish Clerk

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