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June 2009

Les applauds the efforts of Chloe Smith to become the next MP for Norwich North and waxes lyrical about Margaret Thatcher

I made an observation in a recent article in our Village Pump when I asked, with reference to Chloe Smith, a young Lady who tells us she was brought up in Stoke Ferry, now lives in Norwich, and is the Conservative Candidate for Norwich North at the next general election. Are we seeing in this young lady, a future Prime Minister? Since then I have visited Chloe's website, www.chloesmith.org.uk so I now know more about her than I did.

I want to put politics aside for now, we can come back to that another day. But I have been thinking of another lady, Margaret Thatcher, as she was then when she was our Prime Minister. I would describe Margaret Thatcher in those days as looking, very much a lady; very attractive, very intelligent, and processing incredibly good dress sense.

How well I remember when Margaret Thatcher walked off the plane, when she went to meet President Reagan, was it in Washington? She was wearing the most gorgeous blue suit. As a mere man, I think that's what you call it. And digressing for a moment, as usual, I'm suggesting that 'clothes maketh the man' and if you are not with me on that one, buddy you have been at the sherry.

I make no apology for saying that when Margaret Thatcher walked off that plane I had tears in my eyes. I was looking at a British Prime Minister and my God she made me feel proud to be British. Margaret Thatcher became our Prime Minister because she was in the right place at the right time and she possessed all of those qualities I have previous referred to. We had never before had a woman Prime Minister, forget politics it had nothing to do with it.

Recently Barack Obama was recently elected President of the U.S.A. and his election owed more to his colour than any of his policies. As a result he is now the first black President. One day the U.S.A. will elect a Lady as President and if she has been blessed with good looks and a figure to match and she is there at the right time she can't lose. For goodness sake, don't bore me to tears by bringing politics in to it.

If we can go back to Chloe Smith, she has all of the qualities that Margaret Thatcher had in her day. So will Chloe win at Norwich North? How do I know? But I tell you one thing, those qualities to which I have referred sure won't be a hindrance.

I live in the world of reality. See a poor old lady struggling in Lynn High Street and at best she might get your sympathy vote, nothing else. See a lovely young lady and you will offer her some assistance, you can count on it.

If we stay with this word REALITY, this is where I really lose my cool. We just can't face up to it. As soon as some Post Office closes, the balloon goes up as if it's the end of the world. Why can't we accept we are living in the year 2009? Tesco has arrived and is staying; we have the Internet, we live, and always have done, in an ever changing world, yesterday has gone, it's tomorrow that matters.

Some may well say I seem to be obsessed with very attractive women, what do you expect, I married one.


Les Lawrence

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