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West Dereham PC Minutes

May 2009

Minutes of the April meeting of the WD PC




Present: Mrs Claire Cann - Chairman, Mrs Doreen Berry, Mr Russell Drew, Mrs Ruth Marsters, Mr Paddy Murfitt, Ms Alison Richardson

6 members of the public

Mr Trevor Manley - Borough Councillor

Papers copied to Councillors: Amended Clerk's Contract, letters from VOSA re. Glazewing operators licence, notes relating to the LDF Core Strategy Document.

1. Apologies for Absence accepted from:

Ms A Richardson.

2. Declarations of Interest made:

Mrs C Cann, Mrs R Marsters, Mrs D Berry - all members of the Village Hall Committee

3. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on March 5th 2009 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters Arising

4.1 Grass cutting tender

Mrs C Cann, Mr P Murfitt and the Clerk put together a specification for grounds maintenance for the parish and tenders were invited from four companies. To date only one response has been received from Country Grounds Maintenance. It was agreed to accept this tender for the next three years as offered. The path around the allotments is to be included in the grass cutting schedule. This area has previously been mowed free of charge by Mr R French. Thanks will be passed to Mr. French. It was suggested a nominal payment of one seventh of the yearly maintenance contract fee should be offered to Country Grounds Maintenance for grass cutting undertaken during March while tenders were being sought.

4.2 Local Government Review

Further draft proposals have been published by the Boundary Committee which are that either a Norfolk unitary authority comprising the whole of the county or a Greater Norwich unitary authority and a Rural Norfolk unitary authority comprising the rest of the county should be formed. The meeting was opened to the public at 8.15pm for Mr T Manley to give an update on the Local Government Review. The appeal of the judicial review undertaken by Kings Lynn Borough Council and two other district councils deemed that the Boundary Committee had not consulted on the original LGR proposals as they should have done. It was also ruled at appeal that the Boundary Committee should pay a third of the council's legal costs relating to the judicial review. A final recommendation from the Boundary Committee to communities' secretary Hazel Blears will be made on July 15th. The Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk will be holding a meeting open to Councillors to update on the LGR on April 27th. Mrs C Cann hopes to attend.

4.3 Update re. Glazewing HGV Operators licence

Mrs C Cann explained the process relating to the review of the operators licence. A review can take place every five years. This is not automatic but is at the discretion of the traffic commissioner and can be dependant on the number of complaints submitted relating to the operator. The Chairman read out parts of the letters received from VOSA relating to the operators licence and the Parish Council will continue to monitor and assist where possible with complaints received about Glazewing. It is questionable whether the present Glazewing site in Station Road should be deemed a suitable location for such a large operation.

The meeting was opened at 8.30pm for members of the public to voice concerns about traffic to and from the Glazewing site. Residents were encouraged to continue to submit complaints to VOSA. Lorries are said to be speeding along Station Road and vehicles are also travelling along Lime Kiln Road and Church Road to reach Station Road. Verges around the parish are being eroded by large vehicles and tyres are often dumped on the outskirts of the village which is thought to be a result of scraped cars being taken to the scrap yard but tyres not being readily accepted.

Some discussion took place regarding the last planning application submitted by Glazewing which permitted the height of piles of scrap to be increased from 4.5m to 6m. The Parish Council did complain about this application and it will be checked who received this complaint. The Parish Council is not happy that the Borough Council seem to have supported a planning application that it knew the Parish Council would not be happy about. The Chairman has written to the Borough Council to this effect.

Mr. T Manley offered to look into what had happened with regard to the planning application mentioned but did state the Borough Council are only consultees, as is the Parish Council, in matters relating to waste and mineral extraction. The Borough can only object on planning grounds but Mr. Manley will pass on that the Parish Council are unhappy that the Borough Council claim to represent local people but then appear to dismiss resident's views.

4.4 The Clerks amended contract of employment was signed.

5. Chairman's Report:

The meeting remained open to the public to allow a resident to explain that the goal posts on the Playing Field had been re-positioned for a while. The goal posts are now sited back in the correct position but may need to be permanently fixed in place. It was decided this matter and maintenance of the bus shelter and village seats should be agenda items for the next Parish Council meeting. Quotes need to be sought for the necessary maintenance work.

* Donation towards planters

A donation of £50.00 has been received towards the cost of planters to be placed along Church Road. The Parish Council voiced thanks for this much appreciated contribution. Highways will need to be approached to give permission for the planters to be sited on the verge.

* Abandoned car

A broken down car left at the top of Lime Kiln Road was vandalised and then burned out. Nine people reported the car to the Police within 24 hours of it being abandoned. The car was removed 12 hours after being burned out.

* Bulk oil buying

A leaflet regarding the bulk buying of oil will be distributed to villagers and this matter will be an agenda item again for the next meeting when suppliers will have been further investigated.

* Local Development Framework

The Chairmen distributed notes to Councillors relating to the Consultation for The Core Strategy for King's Lynn and West Norfolk LDF. It was felt the Parish Council had no comments to make regarding the LDF at this time.

* Village Hall planning permission

Permission has been given for the alteration work planned for the Village Hall.

Clerk's Report:

* Parish Council website

Costs for establishing and maintaining a website vary considerably. The Clerk has researched packages for Parish Councils and a starting price seems to be around £250. More sites will be investigated.

* Highways

Pot holes along the verge appear to have been filled in but not those in the road. Pot holes in St. Andrews have not yet been repaired but Highways are aware of them. It was reported that the Highways maintenance budget is down 2.5% for the forthcoming year.

* Safer Neighbourhood Team

The next meeting of Watlington Safer Neighbourhood Team is to be held on May 22nd at 7pm at Crimplesham village hall..

* Post box

The leaning post box in Church Road has been reported to Royal mail.

Village Hall report:

The Village Hall Committee is now applying for building regulations and looking into grants for the planned extension work. It is planned to purchase new tables and chairs in the near future. The next meeting of the Village Hall Committee will be held on April 8th.

6. Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.

6.1 Cheques for approval of payment

Photocopying £5.75

Anglianwater (Cemetery tap) £14.07

An invoice for rent of the Village hall will be forthcoming. A copy of the Clerks timesheet was given to Councillors. The current account is believed to stand at £689.94.

6.2 Current burial fees have been identified and will be reviewed at the May meeting of the Parish Council as in previous years.

6.3 It was agreed to purchase two three drawer filing cabinets at a cost of £72.00 each. It has been suggested a donation should be made to the Village Hall for keeping the filing cabinets at the hall. Some discussion took place regarding whether the Parish Council should be expected to pay for this service. The Clerk will check whether the Parish Council did make an agreement to pay for storage in the hall and this matter will be an agenda item for the next Parish Council meeting.

6.4 The 2009/10 precept has been raised and the Parish Council had hoped that parishioners with Band D properties would be paying no more than £35 towards the parish precept. However, a higher payment has resulted due to the Borough Council adding an amount into the precept to cover any non-payment.

7. Correspondence:

7.1 CPRE - Stop the Drop - how to organise a litter pick (to be an agenda item for the Annual Parish Meeting).

7.2 Norfolk Constabulary - Changing Times (copy of leaflet that is to be distributed to all households).

7.3 Information regarding the Power of Well Being (Clerk to attend course)

8. No planning applications received.

9. Standing Orders/Financial Regulations

Councillors requested further time to review Standing Orders and Financial Regulations and thus suggested amendments will be considered at a future meeting.

10. Village Welcome Pack:

It was agreed in principal to produce a booklet listing local services and useful names and addresses.

11. No Further matters were raised.


* Notices will be placed around the parish advertising the Community Speed Watch Scheme and asking for volunteers.

* Complaints were received again that dog faeces is being deposited on the footpath by Fourjays in Hilgay Road. The landlord of the property has been approached and the Parish Council will now write to the residents of Fourjays regarding this matter.

* It was reported dog waste is placed in the salt bin at the bus shelter and thus the cost of providing a dog waste bin will be researched.

Date of next Parish Council meeting - Thursday May 7th 2009

Parish Clerk

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