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Report from Wretton Parish Council

May 2009

Report on the March Wretton PC Meeting

The March meeting of Wretton Parish Council, held at All Saints Church, was attended by all members of the Parish Council and four members of the public.

Since the January Parish Council meeting no further correspondence has been received regarding the problems with the village sewerage system. However, due to the interest in this matter the Parish Council will publish an up to date resume of events relating to the sewerage system.

The street light on the electricity pole on the Green, removed when the electricity pole was replaced, will be replaced at an estimated cost of £185. All other street lights will be checked will regard to possibly implementing a programme of replacement if this would be beneficial. It is hoped new street lights would be more energy efficient and possibly create less light pollution.

Highways issues raised at the meeting included areas of water accumulation at Lime House Drove, Church Road and Fruit Garden Lane. It is hoped the verge by the entrance to Church Lane will be kerbed in the next financial year so stopping erosion of the grass. Footpaths in the parish are also in poor condition and in need of maintenance work.

Stoke Ferry Parish Council has suggested a joint venture to see the speed limit past the Primary School reduced. Wretton Councillors are supportive of this and would like all speed limits in the parish to be reviewed.


The next meeting of Wretton Parish Council will be held in All Saints Church on Tuesday May 12th 2009 @ 7.30pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

Wretton Annual Parish Meeting will be held at All Saints Church on Wednesday April 29th at 7.30pm. This is a meeting for residents of Wretton and although chaired by the Chairman of Wretton Parish Council it is not a meeting of the Parish Council but a meeting for the people of the village. Any matters can be raised. If any parishioner has a matter they would like to add to the agenda please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council - Jane Scarrott on 01366 728238 or e-mail jane@wretton.org.uk

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