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May 2009

May editorial

Hello again,

Welcome to the May edition of The Village Pump with every indication that we are, at last, having an improvement in the weather. Not before time, I think.

April has for me produced a couple of wake up calls. First I celebrated my 74th birthday with my family in absolutely gorgeous sunshine on the 19th April. The second was not quite so pleasant. At the beginning of April, when getting up from my chair, I experienced what is clinically known as a Transient Ischemia Attach or TIA. Sometime known as a "mini-stroke". I found my self unable to talk coherently for about 30 seconds before things returned to normal.. I was also left with a temporary memory loss which, thankfully returned very quickly. I am awaiting further tests at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital but, as far as I can tell, I have now returned to normal without further incidents.

This incident did, however, caused me to consider that it would be prudent to seek an understudy to ensure the continued production of The Pump if I suffered further problems. I am not seeking to hand over the Editor role but just to put in place an insurance to keep things ticking over if the worst came to the worst. Anyone in the Pump catchment area that can use Microsoft Publisher who would be willing to act as my shadow would be very welcome. With the new printer firmly locked into my own PC it would simple mean the published Pump being transferred to and from myself and my shadow by Flash Drive. Is there anyone, regardless of age, who would be willing to become what is effectively The Village Pump Deputy Publisher?

On a more cheerful note, do please support the Open Studios which is advertised on page 31 and the Stoke Ferry Parish Council 'litter pick' described on page 64. Also, a notable first is the Stoke Ferry Film Nights described on page 46. More events and activities are contained in Wereham and Boughton pages, including the very popular Wereham Open Gardens.

Elsewhere in the Pump you will find an article on Little Oaks Pre-School and the monthly news from JBS. Please keep these items coming so that we can make sure everyone knows what is happening in their local village.

Enjoy the next few days of glorious sunshine and here's hoping for a really memorable summer.

Ray Thompson

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