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May 2009

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Easter in Boughton was very different this year. When we looked at the planned services for the celebration of Easter Boughton had been assigned the Easter Vigil and first communion of Easter on the Saturday evening. many of us had never been to this service before, and we weren't quite sure what to expect. However, the choir practised the responses and a lovely Gloria, we laid in a stock of candles and arranged for a fire to be outside the church. The altar was redressed and the candles and cross replaced after the ritual stripping for Good Friday.

The service started with four lengthy readings, with psalms and prayers. The choral responses were lovely and appropriate, and broke up the pattern of voices. Then everyone left the church and the lights were turned out. Outside the church a fire had been prepared by some of the men, and the Paschal Candle - the special Easter candle - was lit from it. Robin processed with the Paschal Candle up the aisle towards the altar, chanting 'The Lord is risen', with the choir responding 'Alleluia'. Small candles were lit from the Paschal Candle, the candles behind the altar were lit and the flowers brought from the back of the church to celebrate the Easter message. Everyone went to the font and renewed their baptismal vows, and the opportunity for baptism was offered as well. The final part of the service was the first communion of Easter. The offertory wine and home baked bread were brought up in procession, together with the Easter eggs which would form part of the service for the children the following morning.

More than twenty people attended and all seemed to appreciate the form of service which was so different for us. In Ely Cathedral the service is an opportunity for confirmation, and at least two members of the congregation had actually been confirmed at such a service. Thanks to Robin and Pippa for all they did to make this a memorable occasion.



We are becoming more aware of events such as 'Scarecrow Festivals' and so we thought that this year we would give it a go! Therefore for the first time in Boughton's history we propose to stage an Autumn Festival. This will consist of scarecrows being displayed in front gardens throughout the village for the week leading up to the Autumn Festival, which will be held for one day only on the 31st October 2009. Your scarecrow(s) can be big, small, tall, fat or short, overdressed and dare we say underdressed! Your scarecrow might be mowing the grass, riding a bike, minding the birds or whatever you fancy! BVC members will be on hand to assist with scarecrow making if needed. On the day of the Autumn Festival we will create our very own 'Farmers Market' with a varied selection of tempting produce - so get making those jams, wines and pickles! Our side stalls will keep you entertained all day; pumpkin carving, bacon rolls, coconut shy, tests of co-ordination, hot soup and many, many more......................

So get your thinking heads on and keep a look-out for further information.

Boughton Village Caravan

Pam Wakeling

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