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Wereham Parish Council

April 2009

Minutes of the meeting of held on Tuesday 10th March 2009 in The Village Hall at 7.30 p.m.

Present: P. Markwell - Chairman, P. Norris, D. Pickston together with 3 members of the public.

Apologies: C. Humphries, Mrs. Newell and Mrs. Willis

1. Minutes: It was proposed by P. Norris and seconded by P. Markwell that the Minutes be signed as correct subject to the two following items - P. Norris raised the subject of a Village Plan and the matter of Councillors Fidelity Insurance appears to him to be unclear.

2. Matters Arising: Play area surface - a cleaner has been ordered which is child safe and will be applied when to hand and the weather is right. The Cemetery Memorials have been inspected and only 3 have been found to need any attention - the families have been informed. Footpath work has commenced and the reflectors on the pedestrian railings are still awaited. The Meeting regarding the Unitary Authority was attended by C. Humphries plus one but there was no new information except that the whole matter was 'on hold' for the time being due to the pending Court Case. Willow Tree around the Pond - P. Markwell has spoken to Acorn Tree Services with regard to whether it actually needs to be taken down as it has come into leaf it is thought that maybe all the trees need to be coppiced - a report is awaited.

3. Planning Decision: Manor House, Wereham - C of U from Residential Care Home to three -dwellings - approved.

4. Payments: N.R.C.C. £25. 00 agreed for payment.

5. Correspondence: Playing Field : Norfolk Link : W.N.B.C. Funders - all noted. W.N.B.C. Core Strategy of King's Lynn & West Norfolk Consultation period 23rd Feb. to 6th April 2009. W.N.B.C. - Open Water - risk assessment needed - clerk to obtain ROSPA "Safety at Inland Waters". Letter from Village Hall Committee requesting letter from Parish Council confirming (if agreed) that there are no objections to the V.H Committee applying for Grants.

6. Any Other Business: Mrs. Roberts has asked if Litter Bins could be reinstated as litter is finding its way into her garden and that of daughter. After a lengthy discussion it was agreed that for the time being because of the restrictions regarding emptying of the Litter Bins a regular voluntary litter picking group could be organised and hopefully keep the litter 'at bay'. Dog Fouling in Stoke Road - Notices to be obtained and erected. P. Norris requests that at the meeting when setting the 2010 Precept an amount of £800.00 be included for Village Hall maintenance. P Norris asked when the vacancy is to be filled - it was confirmed that this will be carried out at the next meeting having by then given the public a minimum of 14 days notice of the vacancy.

Parish Clerk

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