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Passionate About Plants

April 2009

Paul provides another challenging quiz for Pump readers

April Prize Quiz

Another opportunity to test your gardening knowledge. This month the prize is a £10.00 voucher to spend at Quaymount Nurseries.

1. The best known Eucalyptus is Gunnii. What is its common name?

2. The popular hedging plant is commonly known as Hornbeam, what is its full botanical name?

3. The RHS can give plants a first class certificate (FCC) first instituted in 1859 or an award of merit (AM) instituted in 1888. When was the award of Garden Merit (AGM) re instituted?

4. One of the modern day plant collectors is Roy who?

5. When we lived in Ilkley we had a plumber who has a famous son who now introduces Chelsea on the telly. Name the celeb?

6. A conifer that has a drooping habit grows wild in the Eastern Himalaya and is burned for incense in the Buddhist temples there; give its name in full?

7. One of the most commonly grown Magnolias is M x Soulangeana a garden hybrid that first flowered in 1826. It was a cross from the seeds borne by M denudate fertilized by pollen from M liliiflora, by whom and in which garden?

8. If seed has been stratified prior to sowing, what has happened to it?

9. What is an east malling bin used for?

10. Is a soil with a ph of 5.5, acid, alkaline or neutral?

11. The spring flowering shrub known as Bridal Wreath or Foam of May has a botanical name of?

12. The plant known as the Monkey Puzzle is it a tree or a conifer?

13 A plant that grows on another plant without obtaining food from it, is known as a?

14. What is the technical name for plant production of dwarf trees or shrubs by pruning or root restriction?

15. A root that emerges from the stem above ground level is called a?

16. Botanically any herbaceous plant could be called this? (an example of this could be Thyme)

17. The method of propagation whereby as stem is pegged to the soil while still attached to the parent plant to induce rooting is known as?

18. What is the term applied to (usually) low growing plants that quickly spread over the soil surface helping to suppress weeds?

19. This happens when the stigma of one plant is dusted with the pollen from a different plant?

20. This term is applied to plants that obtain nutrients by trapping insects or other small creatures?

Please hand your complete entries to Quaymount Nurseries or the Boughton Surgery, no later than 14th April,

2009. Please include your name and telephone number.

The prize of a £10.00 Quaymount Nurseries gift voucher will be awarded to the first correct entry drawn by a member of staff at Quaymount Nurseries from all the correct entries submitted. Answers and the name of the winner will be published in the May edition of the Village Pump.

Good Luck!

Paul Markwell,

Quaymount Nurseries,


01366 500691.

Paul Markwell

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