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An appeal for help

April 2009

Susan is appealing for sponsorship for a trip to Indi to help her fulfil her ambition to become a vet.

'I am 16 years of age, and it has been my wish for many years now to become a vet. I am working hard at school to gain the high grades required. I am very aware that to improve my chances of securing one of the few places available at University, that I need to gain experience with as many different sorts of animals and situations as possible. It is my desire to be in a position to help animals in their recovery of ill health and to be able to contribute to the improvement in animal welfare in the future.

I have already done voluntary work at a local vets, and stables. At the moment I am working on a local farm helping with lambing, and I have an internship booked at a local zoo.

I also have the opportunity to take part in a volunteer project in India with 'Projects Abroad', in August of this year. Information attached.

This trip will give me the opportunity to:

* Assist with operations

* Administer treatments for diseases

* Give vaccinations

* Handle a range of different animals

* Witness many diseases that have been eradicated in the west

* Help with treatment of small animals

* Gain some experience working at a zoo.

It will be a fantastic experience, both from the veterinary point of view, and to experience a different culture and attitude towards animals.

The trip costs £1695. I have raised £400 so far and have various fundraising ideas in process. However the balance needs to paid in early May and I have a long way to go.

I would very much appreciate any donations that are made, which will not only benefit a young person with educational and life experience but in the long term will benefit animals in the future, when I achieve my goal of qualifying as a veterinary surgeon.'


Susan Summers

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