River Wissey Lovell Fuller

The tale of the Truth Fairy

March 2009

A local resident uses another Fary Story to counter the claims of the dreamcatcher

Once upon a time there was a village in the misty vale that drew the attention of The Truth Fairy.

For it was well known, throughout the Vale, that ugly tales and naughty misleading stories could do great harm to the citizens of the Land.

The Queen of our great land was noble and honest and wished only that her subjects could be the same. She was of the opinion that those who took up office were of similar mind and did all they could to help those that were deserving. She was, however, aware that not all in office shared this view. It was a well known fact that some were only in office for self purpose and sneered at those who were not of similar ilk. To try and root these out she had her government pass laws that allowed the smaller of her villages to be represented by members of their own community to enable them to keep these self serving fiends at bay. Unfortunately the Royal coffers were pretty empty and she had to ask these community members to serve at their own expense. This they did willingly for they only wished to help those in their village.

Now it came to pass that wicked tales were spread about that these willing members. They were being harried and misrepresented by one who goes by the name of ....

(Da! Da! Dah!) The Dreamcatcher

In the office of the Truth Fairy a plan was drawn up to make this Dreamcatcher aware that his mischief had not gone unnoticed.

That night the Truth Fairy took to her wings and soon hovered over the very roof top, under which, the Dreamcatcher slept.

He dreamed he was a hero with burnished shield and sword of mighty steel that would smote those that did not fall down to his demands. He went by the name of Handsome Jack. His armour was supplemented by a pair of brightly glittering eye shields that, when donned, enabled him to see only that which he wished to see and a pair of plated ear muffs that, when donned, enabled him only to hear that which he wished to hear.

Slipping down the chimney the Truth Fairy crept quietly to his bed side and settled down. She had read the tale of the Sooarge Pump and his ally The Pype and knew that it was true. The Elders had studied the problem well into the night and well knew that a terrible stench was about. She knew also of the attempts by a resident of the village to try and resolve the problem using his own time effort and money. The Elders had trod the same path and had received, at times, no help but had persevered under intense criticism and unfounded disgust, to try and resolve this issue.

It had been put about that the Elders held a pot of many thousands of shekels that they put only to their own use. They bridled at this insult and blatant untruth but kept their humour and dismissed it as the suffering of the villagers brought about by the evil fumes spewed forth by The Pype.

Truth be told, mused the Truth Fairy, glancing through the considerable correspondence gathered by the Elders, much had been done and the situation was still being closely monitored.

Standing by the bedside the Truth Fairy leaned forward and whispered into the troubled ear of the Dreamcatcher,

" There are always two sides to a story. One side tells all the other side tells only that which will benefit the teller. The teller should be aware that the side which tells all is the side which tells true."


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