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Letter from Anne Brown's husband

March 2009

Peter explains why he doesn't join Ann on her regular voyages of exploration

Why do I not go with Anne on her trips abroad, and on her latest one to India?

Well you only need to read her menus. Anne will tell you that I have to have traditional cereal, porridge or toast and marmalade for breakfast, and not before 9 am. A mid morning snack of cakes and a cup of tea, and evening meal of meat (not pork, lamb or fowl) with three veg. and a pudding with custard. So I am reluctant to travel anywhere.

I did suggest she watch the test match whilst in Delhi, she replied that she leaves home to get away from years of 24/7 sport.

I also do not like sitting on a plane for hours...sitting watching nine hours cricket is different!

I cannot think of any more excuses.

Peter Brown

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