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Wereham PC Minutes

February 2009

Minutes of the Meeting of Wereham Parish Council held on Tuesday 13th January 2009 in the Village Hall at 7.30 p.m.

1. Present: P. Markwell - Vice chairman, C. Humphries, P. Norris, Mrs. Newell together with 6 members of the public.

2. Apologies: D. Pickston & Mrs. Willis

3. Minutes: The Minutes of the November 2008 were proposed as correct by C. Humphries and seconded by Mrs. Newell.

4. Matters Arising: The cleaning of the play surface, the moving of the goal post module and the inspection of the Cemetery memorials are all in hand and will be dealt with when the weather is warmer. The footpaths from Crown Gardens to Flegg Green, the Row to Holm Oak, Stoke Road and the path edging along Flegg Green are still all awaiting attention. Also the reflectors on the Barriers at the junction of Flegg Green and the A 134 are still awaited. The No Parking Beyond This Point sign has been provided and is erected and Mr. Baddock has thanked Mr. Mason of Masson Sealey on behalf of the Parish Council - who are most grateful to Mr. Baddock.

5. Planning: None

6. Payments: Willow Tree at the Pond - quotes to remove the dying tree:

D. Machin £1850.00 no V.A.T.

C.G.M. £ 748. 00 plus V.A.T.

Acorn Tree Service £ 675. 00 plus V.A.T.

After a discussion it was proposed by P. Markwell and seconded by C. Humphries that the quote from Acorn Tree Services be accepted - the clerk to notify the firm. C.G.M. - Grass & Grounds Maintenance half year £712. 46 : Mazars £80.50 : Petty cash £50.29 : Clerk's annual salary £747. 50. It was proposed by Mrs. Newell and seconded by P. Norris the accounts be passed for payment.

7. Precept: Following a discussion it was agreed that an 8% increase on last year be requested. It was proposed by C. Humphries and seconded by Mrs. Newell that the precept be set at £3725. 00.

8. Correspondence: Lewis Landscape Services - request to quote for grass maintenance - clerk to write and say thank you but we have a three year contract. Playing Field: Signpost both noted. W.N.B.C. Unitary Authority meeting - 17th February 2009 at 6.00p.m. at King's Lynn - C. Humphries plus one to attend. N.R.C.C. credit Crunch meeting at Yaxham on 29th January 2009. Letter of resignation from R. Lankfer - letter of thanks to be sent from Parish Council. Letter from Patricia Evans reference the Village Hall and possible financial support. After a discussion it was agreed that a letter be sent stating that the Parish Council support 100% in principle the work already carried out and that which is proposed also financial donations would be made as and if available.

9. Any Other Business: Street Light out side 37 Queens Close is not working and the Give Way Sign is broken at The Row and A 134 junction.

The meeting closed 8.55p.m.

Parish Clerk

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