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February 2009

Minutes of the Village Liaison Meeting held on 13th January 2009

Tuesday 13th January 2009


Mrs Pat Holton (Village Representative)

Mr Ray Thompson (Editor Village Pump)

Mrs. Trudy Mann (Parish Council Representative)

Mr. Debroy Summers (Parish Council Representative)

Mr Lionel Halls (Vion Uk- Favor Parker)

Mr Keith White (Vion Uk- Favor Parker)

1. Apologies:

Mr. David Haines

2. Minutes of the previous meeting (16th October 2008) and matters arising. The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.


3. Complaints received since the last meeting.

The Company had received no complaints.

4. Noise

It was stated at the meeting by Mr K White that the sprinkler alarm activated at approximately 4.00am on Monday 12th January 2009 this was due to a make up pump failure. Mrs P Holton had received a complaint from a resident of Furlong Road. The pump was replaced on the 16th January 2009

5. Transport.

No complaints received.

However two officers from the community police attended part of the meeting & reported that they had received a complaint from a local resident regarding HGVs reversing near the Companies grain store on Furlong Road.

The Company would issue instructions to drivers on the correct procedure when entering the site. This was completed on the afternoon of the 14th January 2009.

6. Odour Dust & particulates.

No complaints received.

7. AOB

Mrs T Mann asked if the speed restriction sign located on Wretton Road which the Company purchased for the village included maintenance as the sign was not operational.

Mr White stated that maintenance issues were not covered by the Company.

Mrs P Holton asked if there had been any further developments regarding the usage of the Dukes Head & Millers Arms; concerns of the buildings possibly becoming derelict was also raised.

The "Stoke Ferry Action" group had contacted Vion UK with a number of ideas in which the buildings could be used to benefit the community.

Mr Halls stated that there were no changes at this present time, but insisted the buildings would be kept structurally sound.

He also explained that Vion do not have a property division and all buildings & there use would be managed by the regional head, following board approval.

Mr Halls stated he would welcome any ideas from the community relating to the two buildings, and longer term leases would be considered.

Mr Thompson added that any new facilities should be given careful consideration as not to impact on the Village Hall & Community Centre.

Mr Halls gave an overview of the business; the overall demand for chicken is good and a shortage of chicken supply is common place.

No changes to the business were expected but as with all business sectors a challenging time is expected.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 15th April 2009.

Keith White

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