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February 2009

Paul recommends all year shrubs for your consideration

Flowers from Shrubs all the Year

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took part in last months quiz. The following are the answers:

The 1st correct entry pulled from the hat was Mrs Val Barrington (Boughton Surgery), who wins a £5.00 HTA gift voucher redeemable at all good Garden Centres and Nurseries.


Hamamelise: The sweet smelling Witch Hazel is quite rightly one of the most popular garden shrubs. Good specimens in flower bring as much interest and colour to the garden in mid-winter as does Forsythia in spring. The almost circular midgreen leaves can almost be mistaken for the wild Hazel and in autumn they turn bright yellow. Although Hamamelise mollis is probably the best known and widely planted the variety "Pallida" is worth seeking out the bold spider like sulphur yellow flowers are carried in abundance on the naked branches. Small branches can be cut to bring the strong sweet scent into the house. A good garden soil heavily enriched with peat or leaf mould to retain moisture encourages strong growth. They are not easy to propagate, the named cultivars being grafted, and for this reason stocks are often limited. Plants are best sited with a dark background in winter to contrast with the yellow flowers.

Chimonanthus praecox: "winter sweet" is the common name for this delightful plant whose flowers bring fragrance to the winter months from December to February. The willow like deciduous leaves and bushy growth are quite ordinary but it unusual flowering period and powerful scent are adequate reasons for adding it to the garden shrub collection. A well drained soil and sheltered site is the ideal, this hardy plant will thrive on chalky soil and revels in the protection of a south or west facing wall.

Jasmine nudi florum: The "winter jasmine" is probably the most widely planted true winter flowering shrub the bright yellow flowers on the rich green branches are a delight to see from November to March, easy to grow with pendant branches which soon take root. They are happy growing in a wide range of soils.

We are happy to advise you on any shrubs you require for your garden.

Happy Gardening

Paul Markwell

Quaymount Nurseries



Paul Markwell

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