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News from the James Bradfield School

January 2009

The Decekmber newsletter from JBS

During Advent the Holy Family travelled around Stoke Ferry, Wretton, Whittington and beyond, staying overnight in people's homes. Twenty four homes welcomed them for the night and they will arrived at their destination on Christmas Eve during the Crib and Carol Service held in Wretton Church.

The twenty four sheep were knitted by several parishioners but the Holy Family and donkey plus the three wise men and shepherds were knitted by Emma Yardy a Teaching Assistant at the School. She also knitted a baby Jesus and crib which will be placed in the stable on Christmas morning.

Christmas Plays

The youngest children from Fish and Otters classes gave us a treat by performing a story about a King who wanted 10 presents for his ten children; a lovely tale of the great gift of love. To see the youngsters, some only four years old, acting out their parts was a joy to behold.

The older children from Seals and Whales classes enacted the magical tale of Peter Pan. How they managed to remember their lines was a mystery to those of us whose memory is itself a distant memory.

We hope to have some pictures of the performances next month.

Poems by Pupils of Whales Class

I am the Song that wakes you up.

I am the mother that sits in the nest.

I am the darts along the fields.

I am the killer of all the worms.

I am the lady that sings to all.

You will hear me when I call.

Can you guess what I am?

Annie Bruce

I am the world's runner

I am the rock clamberer

I am the prowler of the Sahara

I am the cute cub mother

I am the black ringed, furred lady of Africa

I am stalker of all - so beware

Can you guess who I am?

Laura Eagles

Carol Nicholas-Letch

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