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December 2008

Minutes of the October meeting of the Village Liaison Group

Agriculture Division

Stoke Ferry Feed Mills

Wednesday 16th October 2008

Present: Mrs Pat Holton (Village Representative)

Mr Ray Thompson (Editor Village Pump)

Mr Keith White (Grampian Country Food Group)

Mr Dick Jacklin (Grampian Country Food Group)

Mrs. Trudy Mann (Parish Council Rep)

Mr. Debroy Summers (Parish Council Rep)

1. Apologies: Mr. Lionel Halls, Mr. David Haines

2. Minutes of the previous meeting (16th July 2008) and matters arisin

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

3. Complaints received since the last meeting.

The Company had received three complaints as stated below.

4. Noise Mr C Jacklin stated that the Company had received 1 complaint.

A nearby resident phoned to ask if the boiler pressure release valve had gone off on the evening of the August 22nd. On investigation it was found that the noise was the pressure being released from a delivering tanker.This was explained to the resident.

Instructions have been issued to remind drivers to release the pressure gently after deliveries.

5. Transport. Mr K White stated that the Company had received 1 complaint

A resident contacted Mr. K White to say that she had been travelling along Lynn road when a vehicle had pulled out of the top gate and then without indication turned in front of her into Furlong Drove.

The vehicle was identified as a contract haulier delivering to the mill. The same vehicle returned with another load later that day and Mr White spoke to the driver and reiterated the need to drive safely & courteously on all highways.

6. Odour Dust & particulates. Mr. K White stated that the Company had received 1 complaint.

A local resident phoned on the 18th August to complain of a smell. After

Investigation no problems could be found with the plant.

T Mann asked if the dust monitor could be moved to another position in

The village as it had been brought up at the parish council meeting. After a

Lengthy discussion D Haines said that he would consider finding another

Position and would report back at the next meeting.

7. AOB

T Mann asked about an emergency plan for the village as she had been told that if the mill blew up the village would go as well. K White reassured her that there was nothing on site to explode.

K White said he would try and get L Halls to attend the next meeting.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 14th January 2009.

Keith White

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