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December 2008

The Editor looks at topical news stories and thanks all who helped keep the Pump running.

Hello again,

Well, we are almost at the end of yet another year; how quickly they pass as you get older. And what a year 2008 has been - the 30th Anniversary of The Village Pump, the election of the first black President of The United States and the Credit Crunch. I don't know which is the most significant. What I do know is that if an individual runs in to debt he is courting disaster if he borrows wildly to seek to recover some form of financial stability. But our Government obviously has other views.

Next on the scale of earth shattering topics seems to be Global Warming. Ron Watts puts a sensible slant on this theory in this months Village Soapbox on page 56. There is no doubt that we are enjoying milder winters but there seems to be little proof that this is due to man made carbon dioxide emissions. I did read in one erudite article that the animals in the UK produce more carbon monoxide than all the vehicles put together, but I am not about to go out in the fields to monitor such emissions. Perhaps our readers have a view?

The change of ownership of the Stoke Ferry Grain Mill appears, so far, to have had little impact on, either operations or, staffing. On the other hand, development of the old Wood Yard in Bridge Road and the Geoff Allen site in Lynn Road appears to have stalled completely. I spoke recently to Link Up, the agents previously selling the Wood Yard, and they advised that they no longer retain responsibility for its sale. Who does, I wonder? A recent planning application to investigate contamination of the site may give a clue as to the cause of the delay.

May I take this opportunity to thank all our advertisers, contributors and readers for helping the Pump to go from strength to strength? The way new outlets rallied round to cover the loss of Wereham Stores has been truly magnificent. Thank you all. On behalf of the Village Pump Committee, may I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a healthy 2009?

Whether you are going abroad, visiting family and friends afar or simply staying at home with your loved ones, I hope you have a quiet, peaceful and safe holiday break. Make the most of it, the sales will probably start on New years Day!

Ray Thompson

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