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A reply to the Grumpy Old Man's

December 2008

A Downham reader takes the Grumpy Old Man to task...

A reply to the Grumpy Old Man's communication published in 'The Pump' October edition.

It seems to me, an old experienced businessman that we have heard this all before! May I say, at the outset of my response, that I would hardly describe the poorly punctuated, continuous, repetitive drivel, as an article as you yourself have done?

Straight talking, my friend, requires one to make a point in well structured, paragraphed Prose, briefly and cogently. This you have singularly failed to achieve.

For a man who declares with a certain arrogance: 'I think it's fair to say I don't have much time for any council whether it be Parish, Borough or County.'- you seem to me to have plenty time to be nit-picking almost every waking minute as to what these councils are doing or seeking to do!

What have you ever done for the community at large?

It seems that you really want, under the guise of falsely described' Straight Talking' to deride a certain County Councillor, a man who is respected far and wide for his honesty and his business acumen; his generosity of spirit and personal integrity.

'Betrayed' is a strong word, Grumpy old man, and you need to appreciate its true meaning and be prepared to justify its use!

Equally, you use the word 'sentiment' which, as you appear not to know, amongst other things, means: 'a tendency to be moved by feeling, rather than by reason'

This, I suggest, is your problem: you seem to nurse an enmity, hostility even, call it what you will, engendered by personal envy; certainly there is no reason in your ramblings.

I respectfully suggest you, either 'Put up, or shut up!' Better still, go along to some evening classes and improve your written English and vocabulary!

You could always, I suppose, as the RT. Honourable Kenneth Clarke once recommended to an overexcitable M.P. 'Keep taking the tablets and lie down in a dark room.'

From an active old man, prepared to 'Put his money where his mouth is'.

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