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A further letter to The Editor

December 2008

Les concludes that music tastes are largely governed by age

Dear Editor,

I refer to Tony Hunt's letter in the November Issue when he suggested that I should tune in to Jools Holland on BBC 2 on a Friday evening and by doing so I might change my views on the state of today's music. By today's music I had in mind the pop music so beloved by our teenagers.

I discovered that the programme started at 11-45pm and I find that people of my age (79) who wish to retain their youthful good looks won't do so if they bum the midnight oil. With that I recorded the programme and sat down the next day to watch it. Well, I watched it for the first ten minutes at which point I had to hoist the white flag; enough was enough.

What sort of music you like and I'm not really thinking of classical music, is all down to age. You can't expect a teenager to start swooning over the likes of Vera Lynn, or come to think of it, Al Jolson, and any teenager reading this would at once say, who the heck is Vera Lynn and Al Jolson?.

This leads me on to a far more interesting subject. How many teenagers do read our Village Pump? That, to me, is a far more interesting subject than my choice of music.

Even so I used to like Al Jolson singing such songs as April Showers and Mammy. I always thought the similarity between his voice and mine was quite remarkable! Well that's what I thought and I'm sticking to it.


Les Lawrence

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