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Stoke Ferry Action Group

November 2008

Initiak report from the Stoke Ferry Action group

Hello everyone and welcome to the first monthly update on the work of the Stoke Ferry Action Group (SFA)....and thanks to the Pump for letting us have some space!

Who are we?

The SFA is a small band of villagers who have volunteered to implement the Parish Plan. OK, so the next question is 'What's the Parish Plan?' - this is the document which contained the results of the survey of Stoke Ferry residents (undertaken at the end of 2006) and recommendations for further action.

What is the 'Action'?

The Parish Plan included several recommendations for further action under the following headings:

o Improved housing, especially starter homes

o Permanent medical centre

o Post Office retention

o Improve appearance of Grampian properties

o Increase police visibility

o Reduce traffic speed in village

o Improve public transport

o Improve general appearance of village

o Provide more opportunities for young people

o Improved information for residents

o More local evening classes

It's a long list of tasks and we've already made a start but unless we get more volunteers, it will take us quite a while get through it!

First Meeting

We put a leaflet through every door in the village several weeks ago asking those who might be interested in helping with the Parish Plan to come forward. On September 18th we held a meeting with everyone - there were just 5 of us!

At the meeting we agreed on some early priorities from our long list of tasks - Grampian Foods, Young People and Village Appearance and Information .

Grampian Foods

You may be aware that Grampian Foods has been bought by a Dutch company called Vion. Vion produces 'high quality foodstuffs and ingredients for both human and animal consumption' and the Grampian business has been integrated into a new Vion division called Vion UK, headed by Ton Christiaanse. You can get more information at www.vionfood.com.

SFA has written to Mr Christiaanse asking for an early meeting to discuss the appearance of their buildings in the village. We will let you know when he plans to visit Stoke Ferry.


SFA has registered a website - www.stokeferry.org - where we plan to provide updates of our activities and give residents the opportunity to share information about the village. Please don't go there yet as you won't find anything! We'll let you know when the site launches.

SFA Logo

One of our volunteers, David Smith, has developed the SFA logo with a clever use of the village sign; we all think it looks great.

We need you!

If you think you might be able to help out with any of our tasks, please get in touch. You can email us at info@stokeferry.org, call us on 01366 501252 (this is the number of Carol Hardy, Parish Clerk) or you can write to us at:

Stoke Ferry Action

20 Oak Road

Stoke Ferry

PE33 9TX

We'd love to hear from you.......

Arthur Fletcher

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