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Minutes of October Meeting of W Dereham PC

November 2008

The Parish Clerk reports on the October meeting of West Dereham Parish Council




Present: Mrs Claire Cann - Chair

Mrs Doreen Berry

Mr Paddy Murfitt

In Attendance: Ms Lindsay Goward

6 members of the public

1. Apologies

Mr Malcolm Grief

Ms Alison Richardson - Vice-Chair

Mr Russell Drew

Mr Barry Glover

2. Declaration of Interests

There was no declaration of interests for this meeting.

3. Signing of the Minutes of 10th July and the Approval of Minutes of the 18th September Meeting

The minutes of the 10th July were signed with the corrections agreed on the 18th of September. Minutes of the 18th September were corrected as suggested by AR in a letter and amended and agreed as a true record by PC present.

11. AOB ii) removed and replaced with ' AR stated that in the June minutes it was agreed that the village sign would be reinstated by the end of August. She had been asked when the sign was to be re-erected as it was viewed as a memorial. Someone had offered to paint the sign. CC is halfway through the painting process. There was some question as to who took down the sign and if they would be willing to put the sign back up. It was thought this was Jim Allen.

iii) Mrs Haynes had been in contact with RD.

4. Matters Arising

i) Footpaths

AR has spoken with the Footpaths Officer from the Borough Council to ascertain any progress on the Highways liability for the footpath between the school and Village Hall and will report further once she receives a answer. AR is also still trying to get the Parish Council a copy of the definitive footpath maps.

ii) Allotments

Rents have been received from one allotment and the fields around the allotments. Rents are now due and the PC agreed to authorize Richard French the allotments liaison officer to collect the rents on the PC's behalf. RF has produced a flier to be displayed on the village signs, it was also agreed that the allotments would be advertised on a flier around the village. The allotments can be rented by people living outside the village. Denver School has also been contacted to see if they wanted an allotment. PM said he had looked at other areas allotment rents and often the rents were higher but felt ours were comparable with many local PCs. PM asked whether we received a commercial rent for the other PC allotment lands, the PC will look at this when the rental contract comes out for renewal in 2010.

CC asked whether the allotment holders still wanted the PC to look into having the neighbouring trees reduced in height. RF said that at present these were not seen as a problem to the allotment holders.

Action: RF to collect rents and pass to clerk.

iii) Directional Signs to Glazewing

AR has spoken to the Highways Department of NCC with regard to the fact there is only one sign on the A134 rather than the two the PC requested. Highways have decided that the one near the roundabout is sufficient. AR by letter reminded the PC that the placing of signs on a voluntary route was not usual and any help was a concession by Highways. As regard the size of the sign by the old school Highways have stated that it "of a size and form relevant to the classification of the road". CC questioned whether Church Road was the same classification as the A134 which had the same size sign. The new sign is bigger than any other road sign within the village. The PC have also received a complaint from a member of the public regarding the size of the sign.

Action: Clerk to contact Highways to ask what the classification of the road near the old school is and why it warrants such a large sign.

iv) Proposed Rent Increase of the Play Area

AR has written to KLWNBC as outlined at the last meeting and is awaiting a response.

v) Removal of Phone Box

Clerk reported that a final decision regarding the removal of the phone box on Station Road has yet to be made. As reported at the last meeting the cost of the PC adopting the phone box as a working box is £500 a year. However the Clerk has more details of the adoption scheme which would mean the box remains in situ but without a working phone. The scheme would cost the PC a £1 and the electricity which is estimated to be £19 a year, although it is unclear whether the box has any working lights. Clerk has to supply an electricity MPAN number to allow PC to adopt the box and has yet to be able to track this down as the box appears to be running off the old post office or pub supply. The PC all agreed that preserving the box for heritage was worthwhile.

Action: Clerk to pursue the PC adopting the Station Road telephone box.

vi) Speed Check in Village

Clerk has details of the Community Speed Watch scheme run by the Safer Neighbourhoods section of Norfolk Constabulary. The scheme allows PCSOs to train a team of volunteers to use a speed gun within the village. PM expressed concerns about whether this is needed and whether it will lead to intimidation of individuals. CC said that speeding was an issue throughout the village and should not just be seen as a Station Road issue.

(Adjourned: The chair adjourned the meeting, to ask the public, whether anyone would be interested in this scheme. The feeling was it would be useful and volunteers would come forward.)

It was agreed that the PC will put information about the scheme around with a parish flier.

Action: Full information will be sent for and details included in the parish flier.

vii) Village Sign

This is now painted and ready for re-erection. CC has arranged for Bonnets to weld the sign on the plinth.

Action: The Chair to arrange for re-erection.

viii) Potholes

Potholes have been reported and AR has reported that Station Road will be patched until a more long term solution is found.

ix) Bus Timetable

This has been reported to the bus company.

x) Website

Still awaiting training dates. The website is a priority for the PC so if the Project Involve scheme does not come about the PC will look at private companies.

xi) Local Government Re-organisation

The chair responded on the PCs behalf with the PC opposition to the proposed re-organisation. KL&WNBC are holding an update meeting CC will attend and asked for volunteers from the PC, PM offered to attend with her. PM expressed concern about any change in structure due to the cost to the local authorities and Council Tax payers. CC said that the Boundary Committee's final recommendation will be made public on the 31st December and then everyone will have the opportunity to contact the Secretary of State requesting that they maintain the status quo


xii) Police Authority Green Paper

CC has completed the questionnaire.

5. Glazewing

i) Access Road-progress update

There was no new information available at meeting. MG had been in contact with the chair and had said that things were progressing.

ii) Proposed Glazewing Public Meeting

Clerk has requested available dates in November from Christopher Fraser MP (this has now been confirmed 13th November 7.30pm). When we have a date for the meeting the clerk will write to the Miles Brothers, John Eastgate NCC, Peter Riches police and local councillors.

PM has reviewed all the planning permissions granted over the years at Glazewings. These permissions outline running hours (7-7 Mon-Fri, Sat 7-1) and PM felt that if they are loading or unloading skips or HGVs outside these hours this may be a breach of their planning permissions. CC also said that if the village had a plan or design statement they would have more influence on planning decisions. PM felt that any businesses must fit in with a rural community. It was suggested that the planners should be invited to the public meeting or the PC should arrange a meeting with them at their office.

Action: Clerk to confirm meeting date and invite other parties. PM to pass planners details to clerk so they can be invited. Clerk to contact Miles brothers and outline the villages concerns and invite them to the meeting.

6. Finance and Payments

i) Bank Account

Change of details still being arrange, original forms were mislaid by the bank.

ii) Payments

Monies received for Allotment and land rent.

Action: Clerk to issue receipts

iii) Contracts and Tendering

PM asked how we decide on contracts and payments for work done for the PC do we have a rule around tendering and three quotes for all work over a certain cost. Whilst it was felt we were getting very reasonable prices it was felt the PC should be very transparent in financial matters. CC explained that the PCs budget sheets are put foward by the responsible financial officer (the clerk) at the May annual meeting. The chair and RFO is trying to ensure that the PC follows proper procedures and will take advice

iv) Precept

The parish's precept has to be prepared for the BC in January. CC said it is important that we prepare for this and consult with parishioners about the PC's activities and expenditures. Any increase in expenditure would result in an increase in the parish part of Council Tax. PM said that the parish portion of Council Tax is £12.50 per year, he has compared this to other comparable parishes and we are the fifth lowest. The average for a parish of West Dereham's size is £18. It was suggested that we should add to the budget to increase private footpath cutting and training. CC asked whether PM would produce a small piece for the parish flier around finances and council tax. The flier will need to go out in early December.

Action: PM to produce a piece for the parish flier around finance.

7. Correspondence

i) Norfolk Parish Training Partnership

The clerk has received details of the training programmes for councillors and clerks. PM and CC both agreed to attend the one day initial training course on 7th December, which they will fund themselves.

Action: CC to book places.

ii) Letter from C Page and S Miles of Station Road

CC has received a letter from the above concerning Station Road the issues were read out and main points were:

* The size, speed and frequency of the Lorries using Station Road.

Lorries travelling over 20mph and cars using road as a race track. The increase in the number of HGVs especially container lorries.

* The size of the sign directing the traffic to the waste management centre.

* The state of Station Road.

The road is breaking up, increasing the noise when lorries hit potholes and causing a potential danger to other users.

* The noise being emitted from the premises during the day .

The letter stated that loud crashing noises have increased from the plant.

* The unsightly long row of containers along the track before the river.

This line of red skips and trailers perpendicular to Station Road on the right hand side track, was described as an eyesore as they are seen from over a mile away and the number is increasing on a daily basis. PM pointed out this is something which could be raised with planning and that planning needed to receive complaints from the public about this issue. It would be useful to have pictures of this, the company would have to show they have been storing in this way for over ten years. It was pointed out that one or two skips have been stored there but over the last year this has increased to over thirty.

* The lack of progress towards the development of alternative access.

* The amount of debris falling off the lorries.

* The overall increase of traffic (mostly full weight), including more early morning and evening traffic.

The letter stated that again there appears to be an increase in contracts using the company and that they have huge concern about proposed expansion of the business.

* The letter asked for a breakdown in the number of meetings that parish councillors have attended over the last 2 years. They also thanked the PC for their support in the matters concerning Glazewing and Station Road.

It was agreed that the points were important and need to be raised at the public meeting. It was agreed that we should write to the Miles Brothers and invite them to the public meeting and include these concerns within the letter. It was agreed that councillor attendance at meetings was valid public concern and should be supplied. PM stated that many of the above issues are within existing planning permissions at Glazewing and that we should meet with the planners. It was suggested that they should be invited to the public meeting and if they could not attend arrange a meeting in working hours.

CC said that the PC needs the public to put concerns in writing to the PC like this and it was also important for individuals to complain to statutory bodies such as planning. It was suggested that we need to have some planning and organisation for the public meeting to ensure that points are not missed.

(Adjourn: A member of the public stated there has also been occasions when the work has been well outside of the 7-7 and lorries run from the yard this side of the river in the early hours and in the past we have been told that they have 24/7 license from this yard. When she has been disturbed at night by the working she has reported this to environmental health should, she be reporting them to planning? It was agreed that this would be appropriate as well as environmental health and the licensing restrictions need to be investigated at the meeting.)

Action: Clerk to write to Miles Brothers as above. PM to contact planners re meeting with them. Clerk to write to planners re skip storage, PM to supply his contact name.

Clerk to do a breakdown of councillor attendance at meetings.

8. Planning

There are no new planning applications

i) British Sugar Wissington

The PC received notification that the application for the use of land for conditioning and drying of topsoil has been granted.

ii) Design Statement

This would be a big piece of work but would be important as planners need to take it into account when agreeing planning. In her letter AR agreed it was a good idea but may be lengthy and costly. DB said she thought it sounded worthwhile but was it like the village appraisal which was a lot of work but seems to have been of little benefit.CC said the design statement had a proper role in the planning process so would be useful. The design statement would outline the balance which is needed between the business and residential community. Initially the PC would need to design a questionnaire to get the opinion of the public. It was agreed by PM, CC and DB that the PC should begin the process of developing a design statement by getting more information from planning and NCAPTC.

Action: PM, CC and Clerk to try to get more information about the process.

iii) Letter to Nick Daubney Leader of KLWNBC

CC has written to Nick Daubney expressing concern about the fact the BC supported a planning application (for Glazewing viewing platform and increased storage) without waiting for the views of the PC. This was particularly of concern as the PC has supported the retention of the BC rather than a countywide unitary authority as we had felt that they listen more to local views.

11. AOB

i) Fly Ttipping

Despite being reported there is still a problem with fly tipping on Lime Kiln Road, although the tyres have moved.

Action: Clerk to report

ii) Post Box

The post box near the village sign has been knocked.

iii) Village Hall

The plans are now ready to be submitted and were available for viewing at the meeting.

12. Date of Next Meeting.

13th Novemberr 8pm (with coffee and Tea at 7.30 pm) in the Village Hall.(as the public meeting is now that date the PC meeting will be on...)

The meeting closed at 21.45pm.

The public was invited by the Chair to raise issues:


A member reported that the Vodaphone signal has been down in the village for the week. She has spoken to Vodaphone and the network is down and people need to report this by dialling 191 and some will receive a refund.

Chairman: Date:





1. Apologies

2. Signing of the Minutes of the 12th July and the Approval and Signing of Minutes of 18th September

3. Matters Arising - review of 12th June action points

i) Footpaths

ii) Allotments

iv) Directional Traffic Signs to Glazewing

v) Proposed rent increase for play area:

vi) West Norfolk Borough Council Local Government Review:

vii) Removal of pay phone box

viii) Speed checks in Village

ix) Village Sign

x) Website

xi) Potholes

xii) Bus timetable

4. Glazewing

i) Access Road- Progress update

ii) Proposed Glazewing public meeting to confirm arrangements

6. Finance and Payments

i) Bank account arrangements

7. Correspondence

8. Planning

i) Planning design statement

9. AOB

10. Date of Next Meeting.

Public Forum


arish Clerk Date:






This meeting will be chaired by Christopher Fraser M.P. and the new owners of Glazewing are invited plus representatives of the local authorities.

Parish Clerk

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