River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter to The Editor

November 2008

Tony congratulates the Pump on 30 years of p[ublication and reports his enjoyment of yet another very fine music festival.

Dear Editor,

Firstly, I wish to endorse the congratulations directed at your magazine on its achieving 30 years of publication. It is indeed a great accomplishment to provide such an uninterupted information service to our community and great credit must go to all the Village Pump team past and present for all their hard work and dedication.

Further, I would like to say that yet again another fine music festival was staged recently over a two week period in the church. Again, we were entertained by a very high calibre of musician performing to an extremely high standard. I cannot claim to be a classical music aficionado, but I, like many others, appreciate good music well played. The organisers are to be congratulated for providing such a packed programme that really does present good value for money. Those who travel in from outside our village are truly amazed!

Talking of music, one of your correspondents of last month stated that he couldn't stand today's so called music. I respectfully suggest that he watches 'Later with Jools Holland' on BBC2 on a Friday evening with a 30min. preview on a Tuesday. Hopefully this might change his views on the state of modern music today

Yours faithfully,

Tony Hunt

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