River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter from The Rectory

November 2008

The Reverend Judith Grundy talks about orphaned children.

Dear Friends,

Have you ever heard of the Muller homes for orphaned children in Bristol? I often drove past them, set high on the Bristol skyline, during my time at Trinity Theological College. They are a very tangible reminder of George Muller, their founder, and of how he found all the money for them through prayer.

When he found that there was no safe place for orphaned children to go he prayed that God would provide him with the means to buy just one house to begin with. The account of how that happened is just too long to tell here but Muller never asked anyone for any money - he just prayed that God would prompt people to give.

Answers to prayer happen constantly. One morning there was no money at all, even to buy breakfast for the children. George Muller told them to lay the table as usual and then said Grace sitting at the head of the empty table with all the wondering - and very hungry children around him - "For what we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful."

Literally, as he finished praying the doorbell rang. It was the local baker who said he had felt prompted to get up extra early and bake more bread than usual, which he was now delivering, hoping they could use it. You can imagine the response!

As he left another caller arrived - the milkman. It was the days of horses and carts. The wheel had come off his cart and he said that as it would go sour in the sun before he had got the cart repaired, would the children like the milk?

Muller led them in a prayer of thanks to God, "our loving Heavenly Father who knows we have need of all these things."

So when you lie awake at night worrying about the credit crunch and its effect on all of us, remember Muller and remember your Heavenly Father who knows your needs.

With best wishes ,

Judith Grundy

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