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November 2008

The Editor asks for a responsible approach to Halloween and Guy Fawkes.

Hello again!

Well, after the excitement of our Pearl Anniversary edition last month, we return to normal; if any edition of The Village Pump is normal. We welcome back West Dereham Parish Council who have to play catch-up this month; but it is well worth it especially to their parishioners.

Once more we have a range of items of interest to add to the vital information provided on local services and amenities, welcome the new Licensed Reader - Carol Nicholas-Letch and learn some interesting facts about POW camps in our area. We also have another crossword challenge for all you puzzlers. Congratulation to Mavis Smith for winning the £5 book token for the correct solution of the anniversary puzzle; this will be waiting for you at the collation of this edition.

This issue straddles two of our traditional events; Halloween on Friday 31st October and Guy Fawkes night on Wednesday 5th November. Both events can be tremendously exciting, especially for the younger members of our community, and both can be terrifying to the elderly. Please do remember, that many who are elderly, infirm or living alone will finds both events threatening or scary. And for the fireworks associated with Guy Fawkes, please remember the animals, many of whom will spend the entire evening cowering under a bed.

Wereham are desperate to find a new co-ordinator for their Village news; both for G4 and The Pump. If you live in Wereham and can help with this task then please contact Pam Wakeling from Boughton who is providing temporary cover.

It would be nice if more organisations could provide us with a monthly Newsletter. We had some items from the Boughton Caravan, but they have died out. Perhaps other villages could put their minds to a newsy update like those provided by Boughton and Wereham. West Dereham is usually well covered by the Wereham Heritage Group and Wretton has the WHO. But these latter groups only provide information about specific events. Perhaps a brief monthly overview of routine activities could be co-ordinated by members of these groups? It would also be a bonus if we could get more competitions; for both young and old. Come on all you clever clogs, give it a try.

Happy Halloween and Guy Fawkes but please ensure those in your family act responsibly. That way, everyone can have fun.

Ray Thompson

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