River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Whittington Riverside Event 08

October 2008

Roger reports on the highly successful 2008 Whittington Riverside event

Grange Farm, Whittington, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE33 9TF

2 September 2008

Dear Editor,

May I, through your correspondence column, write to thank everyone who attended the Whittington Church River Event last Sunday? Also thanks to all who sponsored a duck but were unable to attend.

The event was the best attended and supported we have ever had. Over £1300 was raised. We were very lucky with the weather too. It was all made possible by the support and effort of all our stall holders and everyone who helped prepare for, and be there on the day, to whom Jenny, Davina and I give heartfelt thanks.

You should never name names but that's exactly what I'm going to do. A big thank you to each and everyone as follows: Alan and Sue Morgan, owners of "Bogart", the clinker built 1950's Cromer Crab Boat who gave rides to well over 100 people (not all at the same time).

Nigel and Annette Saxby for donating the raffle prize, their time and generosity in providing their narrow boat experience and for the Jenyns Arms for providing the lunch as part of the raffle prize; John or providing punt rides without a break for over 2 hours; Stuart, Nat, Nina and Terry for being the duck race start marshals; Chris, Chris, Gary and Will for being the finish marshals and duck collectors. Stall holders Barbara and Alan, Doreen, Alison, Janet, Pat and Carol, Michelle and April, Trevor, Val, Suzanne, Claire, Molly and Mae, Jenny and Gillian and Davina.

Thanks also to Charlie Rutterford of the Environment Agency for sending in the weed cutters during the preceding week thereby ensuring a clear run for boats and ducks. The efforts of the organisers are more than rewarded when there are surrounded by so much help. Thank you also to everyone who donated raffle prizes and cakes for cake stall. Other miscellaneous prizes were given by Jenny and Davina.

If anyone missed a boat ride for any reason and would still like to discover the delights of the Wissey please do get in touch (500307) and arrangements can be made. I was a bit sorry to hear one man say that he'd lived in Stoke for over 30 years and was virtually unaware of the river. I was however delighted to hear of a lady who had moved into the area only 2 weeks ago and was so pleased to be enable to enjoy the river so soon.

We would be very pleased to hear from anyone wishing to enjoy the Whittington Wind in the Willows experience. A small donation to our churches is all that is required (or a large one if you prefer). If any organisation is thinking of having its own duck race then let's get together; Northwold Primary School kindly lent the ducks and the river is here for the use of all.

Yours sincerely

Roger Warner

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