War Memorial Gary Trouton

Stoke Fest 08

October 2008

Gail is disappointed with the response to the efforts of the Stokke Fest Committee

Dear Ray

I would just like to take this opportunity to justify a few things, firstly how very disappointed I was with peoples attitudes towards our "bands in the park" day. Although not as many people came on the day as we had first thought, this was a nice, happy, relaxing and friendly day out with people chatting too new and old friends.

This event was very well organized by ONE l7yr who organized all the bands, the PA system, the tents and what ever else goes into such a big event that some of the older generation should respect and have more faith in. Before a "String was even strung" we had people worried that their houses were going to be "Trashed" and that young revellers were going to descend on Stoke Ferry and cause havoc through this "Very close knit village" (LMAO). As we stressed so many times before "THTS WAS NOT A RAVE" and if anyone had any worries then WHY did you not call me or even come and see me and say that you had worries, I don't bite!

I can now say that this event run by the old Stoke Ferry Harvest Fayre committee and the Stoke Ferry Playing Field Committee was and always was going to be successful with no major problems.

All the bands gave us a wonderful performance and the evening finished with our local band "Dumpster Pop", so thank you to all the bands. The evening fmished at 11.00 and we had all cleaned up and locked up by 11.30.

Also thank you to everyone who at some point in the day manned the B.B.Q and helped with serving and clearing up the rubbish. Thank you to Steve and Louise Randall who are always on hand to help with anything you ask them to do (hope you fmally got some sleep Steve before going back to work on Sunday!).

The Playing Field committee will in the near future be having more fundraising events up at the park which EVERYONE is invited and hopefully we can bring the village back too being one unit instead of a split village.


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