River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter to the editor.

October 2008

Praise for Ron Watt's articles on the early days of motoring

Dear Ray,

I particularly enjoyed Ron's piece on early days motoring. It brought back happy (???) memories of oil on shirtsleeves, skinned knuckles and hours of mindless maintenance that owners of the modern car has long since forgotten.

Just one small comment Ron, it was actually Ettore Bugatti, that other pre-war engineering genius, who dubbed the creations of W.O. Bentley as 'the fastest lorries in the world', though I'm sure Enzo Ferrari and many others in the Le Mans paddock shared that view.

Nonetheless great reminiscing... thanks for the brilliant memories Ron.

However I think I'll stick with my modern - heated - air conditioned - service every year - start first time - tin box on wheels. It's probably an age thing!

Peter Bodle

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