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Les writes another letter to the editor

October 2008

Les bemaons the loss of Lita Rosa and others of her ilk

Dear Editor,

At my age I suppose it's only natural that I can't stand today's so-called music, how I long for the good old days when music was music and we had proper titles for proper songs.

I have just been reading of the death of Lita Rosa who in the 1950's sang with the Ted Heath Band together with the likes of Dickie Valentine another one of my favourite singers.

Talking of proper titles one of Lita Rosa's hits was a song called. "How Much Is That

Doggie In The Window" and I seem to recall another song of that era called, "Ashby

De La Zouch By The Sea".

Make no mistake quality titles, they don't have titles like that today, to which some of our young folk may well say, thank goodness for that.


Les Lawrence

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