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October 2008

A lovely letter from the daughters of the late Connie Petrie

Congratulations to The Village Pump on your 30th Anniversary! Connie & Jack Petrie (our mother and stepfather) newly arrived from Lancashire in 1976 were happy to be involved 2 years later with the start-up of The Village Pump. This helped them to feel part of village life, which they entered into wholeheartedly, and thoroughly enjoyed. Their regular letters told us how much they were enjoying their new life in Stoke Ferry.

We have realised in these past weeks just how important the magazine is; it has enabled us to find the help we've needed and the many people who have generously supported us. We are very grateful to you all. We found many of you through the Village Pump.

This special anniversary issue of the Village Pump comes just at the right time for us to say a big thank you to all concerned for helping us. We were heartened by the number of people at Mum's funeral and wake in March this year, which were perfect. And the generous contributions (amounting to £70) were very gratefully received and acknowledged by MIND.

May The Village Pump continue for many years to come as an essential lifeline and communicator. Good luck!

Celia Howes (Harrogate, Yorkshire) and sister Bobbie Szourou (Grenoble, France)

Celia & Bobbie

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