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September editorial

September 2008

An update from our editor

Hello again,

Well, we are just a month away from our Pearl Anniversary edition. And what fun I have had leafing back through copies of the Pump for almost the past 30 years to gather titbits for our 30th Anniversary issue. I say almost 30 years because my first copy is actually No 4, December 1978. Similarly, I have a void from late 1997 to August 2000; but there is still more than enough material to whet your appetites I'm sure. But I am most grateful to Chris Young for mu newly acquired archive. Also to Celia and Bobby (nee Petrie) for the wonderful material collected by Jack Petrie.

Perhaps my biggest surprise in searching the archives was the number of clubs and organisations that existed in Stoke Ferry and the neighbouring villages back in the 1970's. The WI was obviously very strong as were the various sporting clubs. I know that Les Lawrence often bemoans the loss of sporting culture in the Wissey Community, but it is only when you look back that you see just what a loss there has been. Similarly, Scouts, Guides and School clubs featured in every issue; now there seems to be no activities to report. I was also taken by the very warm welcomes to The Bull Public House and The Blue Bell which had recently changed hands. But I don't want to spoil our anniversary edition; just make sure you get your copy to enjoy my look back in history.

I suppose this edition marks the official end of our summer. What a mixed bag that has been. Although temperatures have remained reasonably constant around 21 to 23 degreesC (70+ degreesF) we have been blessed with more rain than anyone of us really wanted. Even the farmers, for once, prayed for a let up so that they could harvest their crops. Already much has been written about the credit crunch and none have been hit more than our farmers. I heard this week that the cost of drying the dam grain has increased to £27 per tonne; almost double that of last year. Since heating costs affect all of us you will wish to look at the advice given by Age Concern Norfolk on page 10.

Finally, I couldn't close this editorial without a mention of our wonderful Olympic athletes. The highest medal tally for half a century and, for once, they even bettered a government target! Well done all. My best memory was the lad who came quite low down in the Decathlon but yelled with unrestrained pride, "I am an Olympian"! That is the true British spirit; well done all, win or lose. You made us proud!

Ray Thompson

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