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Report of Wretton Parish Council meeting held on July 8th 2008.

September 2008

Report on the July meeting of Wretton PC

The July meeting of Wretton Parish Council was held in All Saints Church. Councillors present were Mr. D Llewellyn, Mr. M Peake, Mr. L Peake, Mr. A Box, Mr. S Briston and Mr. B Glover. Two members of the public were also present at the meeting.

Roadside hedges are still in need of trimming back in several places around the parish and the Highway Department will be asked to contact relevant landowners. Other Highway matters that are still outstanding include the loss of the weight restriction sign on the West Dereham Road and flooding by Lime House Drove.

Speeding through the village was raised as a concern and this will be reported to the Police.

The issue with the problem of odour experienced by some residents of Wretton was again a topic of discussion. The Chairman has received further correspondence relating to the problem and the Clerk has spoken to Claire Hanna, Borough Council Environmental Officer. Time appears to have been wasted as the odour has been reported as emanating from Low Road rather than Chequers Lane. The odour has not been so noticeable this year as previous years but a bad spell was experienced the weekend of June 21st/22nd. It is possible the odour may be from septic tanks in the village and this should be investigated. Residents have been asked to keep a log of odours and individuals should complain to Environmental Health. The Parish Council will continue to monitor the situation and apply pressure to resolve the problem. Chris Fraser MP will be updated and a meeting will hopefully be arranged with the Environmental Team and Anglia Water. Residents are strongly advised to report incidents of bad odour to Clare Hanna at the Borough Council Environmental Health Department.

The bench in the play area has been vandalised and therefore needs some repair work. Mr. L Peake offered to assist with repair.

Ivy needs clearing from the bus shelter.

The September meeting of Wretton Parish Council is to be held at All Saints Church on Tuesday 9th, starting at 7.30pm. Please remember all members of the public are invited to attend any Parish Council meeting.

Parish Clerk

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