River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter to the Editor

September 2008

Graham applauds les Lawrence for his response to an invitation to comment on the forthcoming 30th anniversary edition

Dear Ray,

It was heartening to have such an enthusiastic response to ideas for the Pump's 30th anniversary edition, from Les Lawrence. However, I would like to comment on the suggestion of introducing colour.

I worked in the printing industry for over fifty years and can assure you that the extra cost involved for colour would certainly render the cover charge to well over £5, as he suggests. Also, I do not share Les' confidence that people would be prepared to pay a price which is almost twice the price of most of the "glossies". However, I have heard that October's edition will reflect the importance of the occasion and I hope that les, along with everyone else, will enjoy a special read.

Full marks to Les for being the only person to put forward any ideas and I hope that your 50p-worth in October will give you that £5 worth of value.

Yours truly,

Graham E Forster

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