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Letter to the Editor 1

September 2008

Les has a frsh look at the impact of the closure of local amenities

Dear Editor,

Not for the first time I find myself just a little bit confused. It seems that over the past few months I have been reading in both our local and national newspapers about what the effect will be on village life in closing down of so many of our Post Offices, Shops, Pubs, etc!

The message I seem to have been getting is that when all of this happens we shall all be, to quote none other than the late Private Fraser of Dad's Army, DOOMED. You hear me? DOOMED!

Well let's just stop for a moment and consider Boughton, which over the past years has seen the passing of the Methodist Chapel, Post Office, School, 2 Pubs, and a Shop, a pretty comprehensive list. And where does that leave Boughton? Sinking in to the abyss, well not really it's just come 2nd in the EDP Pride in Norfolk Community Competition for villages with under 500 in population.

And what can we deduce from all of this? Well, if you want your village to do well in some competition, just get rid of your Post Office, Pubs, Schools, Chapels, in fact everything that I keep hearing constitutes village life.

Am I confused? You bet.

Les Lawrence


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