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Letter from France

September 2008

Bobbie writes to thank the Stoke Ferry residents for their help after the loss of her mother Connie Petrie

Hello Ray

We're now back in France and so very, very pleased with our visit to Stoke Ferry. Thanks to my Mother, I / we now have some real friends over there.

Michel was absolutely delighted with everything he did and saw and especially the people he met. I wish we had had more time to talk with you but the programme was

pretty heavy. We managed to do everything on our list and now Celia will take over and deal with the sale of the house.

She would be very pleased to meet you and talk to you about the 30th edition of the Village Pump.

Thanks to the Village Pump on-line I can keep in touch with Stoke Ferry and put faces to the names! It was so kind of you to include a request on my behalf. Thank you very much. And of course we'd be pleased to see anyone who is brave enough to come all the way to the Alps!

I thought it would be my last visit to Stoke Ferry but I really want to come back and see you all again!

Meanwhile please keep up the wonderful work you are doing. The 'Pump' was important for Mother to have a contact with the outside world and it's no doubt the case for many other elderly or disabled people.

I hope to see you again in the not so far future.

Very best wishes


Bobbie Szamoura

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