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Allotments for Stoke Ferry??

September 2008

Councillor Michael Precey seeks land for Stoke Ferry allotments

Approaches have recently been made to Stoke Ferry Parish Council asking if there are any allotments for rent within the Parish. Unfortunately, we, as a village, have no land available to us to provide this amenity but it has fallen to me to make enquiries as to how many residents of Stoke Ferry would be interested should we be able to obtain funding for such a venture.

Would anyone interested, and indeed, anyone with comments or suggestions please ring me on 01366 502147.

Also, would anyone who has, or knows someone who has, a parcel of land suitable for allotments and consider selling or renting such land to the Parish Council, should funds become available, please contact me on the above number.

There would be absolutely no age limits.


Stoke Ferry Parish Council

Michael Precey

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