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Wereham Parish Council Minutes

August 2008

Minutes of the July Meeting of Wereham PC

Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 8th July 2008 in the

Village Hall at 7.30p.m.

Present: R. Lankfer - Chairman, P. Norris, C. Humphries, P. Markwell, Mrs. Willis together with 7 members of the public.

1. Apologies: D. Pickston and C. Sampson - Borough Councillor.

2. Minutes: The Parish Meeting minutes dated 13th May 2008 were proposed as a correct record by P. Markwell and seconded by Mrs. Willis duly agreed and signed. The Annual Parish Council meeting minutes dated 13th May 2008 were proposed as correct by P. Markwell and seconded by Mrs. Willis duly agreed and signed.

3. Matters Arising: R. Lankfer is going to attend the meeting in King's Lynn reference the reorganisation of the County and the possibility of it being a Unitary Authority. The footpath from The Forge to Vine House has been dealt with by the County Council. The clerk is to check if one litter bin is permitted free of charge by the Borough Council.

4. Planning Decision: Mr. T. Hewitt - 4 no. 2 storey dwellings near Manor House Wereham has been approved.

5. Payments: C.G.M. Ltd. £712. 46 - Proposed C. Humphries and seconded by P. Norris pass for payment.

6. Correspondence: Wicksteed - Annual Safety Inspection due clerk to put the matter in hand, N.C.C. Grit Bins : W.N.B.C. Green Space Strategy : Norfolk Link :W.N.B.C. Canvassers required for the Register of Electors: W.N.B.C Veterans Badges : N.C.C. Transport Plan Seminar all noted. W.N.B.C. letter reference the telephone box - those wishing to save the red box should write to the Borough Council. A letter from G. Gott resigning from the Council - clerk to write and thank him for his services in the past and to notify the Borough Council of the vacancy. Letters were received from Mr & Mrs Bliss & Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Koopowitz and Doctor R. Scott reference the Goal Post in the Playing field. After a discussion it was agreed that a possible solution would be to place a net on the original goal post furthest from the road and also to ask Mrs. Koopowitz if there is a possibility of exchanging the Goal Post for another piece of equipment or of selling that piece back to Wicksteeds without the action affecting the Grant which Mrs, Koopowitz obtained via the Play Equipment committee.

7. Any Other Business: Willow Trees around the Pond - Richard Ebbs of Acorn Tree Services is to be asked for advice and a price to ensure their safety. Mr. Selby W.N.B.C. Conservation Officer has promised to send a letter before the next Parish Council meeting reference the condition of the Manor House. The Cemetery memorials are to be checked again for safety. The footpath along Flegg Green from Downham House Farm to the A 134 has weeds growing through the surface. Permission is being sought by the P.C.C. for the Church clock to be illuminated - at no cost to the Parish Council and with a time switch on it so that it is not lit up all night. The Cemetery hedge needs cutting and the footpath along the A 134 from Long Acre to No. 1 Stoke Road needs clearing.

The meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.

Parish Clerk

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