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August Editorial

August 2008

The end of year report from The Editor

Hello Campers!

Although I can't image too many of you taking the risk of a holiday under canvas! What awful weather? And St Swithin says it will last for 40 days. I hope that hasn't made you too depressed!

Welcome to another fun-packed edition of your Village Pump. This, the August edition, is the last of this current Financial Year. I would like to take the opportunity offered by this milestone to thank all who have made sure the Pump has enjoyed another very successful year. We have acquired many new advertisers, some new contributors and loads of new friends. Thank you all.

This month we welcome yet another new contributor in Christopher Fraser, our local MP. Laura Fry, his researcher, contacted me after hearing that Speak Up was going into hibernation to find out if we would run his regular update. I was, of course, delighted to accept. As the footnote to his first Newsletter says, The Village Pump is a non-political magazine, but Christopher Fraser was elected as our local MP by all of us, regardless of our political persuasion. Giving him the opportunity to brief us on his activities on our behalf can only benefit our local community.

I am delighted to receive the regular inputs from Wereham and Boughton. They not only make interesting reading but also keep us well informed of the activities in our community. I am also grateful for the monthly input from The West Dereham Heritage Group. Jane, the Parish Clerk for Wretton, makes sure we keep abreast of Wretton news and Jenny Elsey and colleagues keeps us up to date on Whittington events. Add to this the regular inputs from Chris Young extolling the glories of St Andrew's church in West Dereham and the delightfully named RYSDENDERBEX CHORALE and we really do now have an excellent representation of our community in all its glory.

With our 30th Anniversary fast approaching, I think we can safely say that we have made a tremendous effort to meet the aims of our creators; namely to educate, inform and amuse the residents of our Wissey Community. The credit, for achieving these aims, must go to you - our readers, contributors, advertisers and supporters. So, long may we reign and here's hoping the Village Pump can go on and grow to become the pre-eminent magazine in the Wissey Community.

Who knows what the next 30 years will bring ?

Answers on a postcard, please, to the Editor!

Ray Thompson

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